Wouldn’t you though?

The Breton top *sigh*. Just about my most superduper fave top, like, EVER. I feel bereft every time I wear one out (every 6 months)…

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Picture of Hero

Half-term sanity saver

The most definitive Muddy Guide ever! (21-31 May)

The Dressing Room

A supercool fashion boutique you need to know about

The Bull & Butcher

A lovely local pub in idyllic Turville

Make sweet music

Awesome music lessons for adults or kids (or both!)
Smart fitness and eating tips

23rd May 2015


As you can imagine running Muddy, I get sent loads of info from various businesses and their PRs, and the sheer volume of emails means that I’ve become adept at working out when to press the delete button, often in …

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Thank God for Grab & Go!

21st May 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 20.23.50

Late on a Thursday afternoon, when you realise with horror that, NO, your children are not going to school tomorrow because an inset day has just appeared out of nowhere,   YES, you are hopelessly disorganised and a fully-signed up bad mother, …

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Bright and beautiful

21st May 2015


I’m not great at tidying. In fact I’m hopeless. A cleaner was the first joint investment Mr Muddy and I ever made – a mere two weeks into our relationship. Anyway it turns out I’m  as haphazard on my computer …

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Pluses and minuses

20th May 2015

Needle beatrix fotor

Plus: I have a brand new swanky iphone 6. Minus: My kids are desperate to get their filthy little hands all over it. Minus 2: Iris nicked it this morning. As I came back in the house from the garden …

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18th May 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 22.27.50

Let me tell you, this graphic design malarkey takes some time. If I spent as long as shopping as I did creating these collages I’d be a whole lot more stylish! But staring for hours at these clothes has just …

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Fab gift shop in West Wycombe

18th May 2015

appleorchard fotor

The last time I went to West Wycombe (above), in mid-Bucks, was to look around the lovely National Trust estate of West Wycombe Park there a few years back. Unusually the National Trust owns the entire village (because it’s that …

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