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9 Jul 2015

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Stuck for a thoughtful gift? I love this idea from Whimsy & Wilbur, offering a thoughtful alternative to the send-a-bunch-of-flowers approach. Based in Beaconsfield, the company is the brainchild of Madeleine, who is a mere 22. I mean that’s virtually kindergarten in Muddy years.

Anyway, she is offering an online gift delivery service with various gift box options to suit budgets from £35 (so comparable price ways with a bunch of flowers) to £69.99 for the deluxe version, with two version of each price point – a Spoil Someone box and a Surprise Someone box.

The Spoil Someone More giftbox

The Spoil Someone More giftbox, £69.99

I had this Spoil Someone More box (above) sent to me last week and, though I’m not generally keen on having stuff curated for me on the grounds that there may be some tat in there I don’t like, actually all the components are lovely – a small white geometric vase, a rustic picture frame, four bars of gourmet chocolate (long gone), an elegant notebook (half-inched by my daughter, a selection of cards to send to others (extremely useful) and a beautifully packaged scented candle.

If you were to receive that in the post, you’d be pretty happy wouldn’t you? Then send one to your mum, friend, daughter or wife and pass the love on, people, pass the love on!


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