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See this: Bruce Munro at Waddesdon

14 Nov 2013

Another day, another great event at Waddesdon Manor. Sorry to bang on about Waddesdon so much – it’s my local NT place so I guess I go to it more than others – but the truth is it puts on such an incredible array of special events and extraordinary art that it’s hard not to tell you about it.

This winter Waddesdon continues its association with artist Bruce Munro with a series of Winter Light installations around the beautiful gardens.

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Revamp your garden shed

22 Apr 2013

I guess fashion designers must get bored with skirt lengths and model fittings and colour forecasting, as increasingly they seem to be branching into other creative areas. Karl Lagerfeld’s photography. Tom Ford’s film making. But I think Eley Kishimoto have really taken the biccy with their collaboration with Cuprinol (yes, you read that right) to create the ultimate garden shed.

The design couple found a dilapidated shack in Chiswick (below)

and transformed it into the picture you see at the top of the page, using Cuprinol paints and  a Posy Ivy print,  originally designed by the husband-and-wife team for their Spring Summer 2012 Collection.

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FIRST LOOK: the new John Lewis Christmas ad

9 Nov 2012

Hot off the viral presses, here’s the new John Lewis Christmas ad. I love it – makes a welcome change from ads with product shots every two seconds and it’s clever and quirky and *sniff* kind of heartwarming too.

But that’s just me, what do you think?

By the way, if you like the cover of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s The Power of Love, it’s sung by 20 year old Gabrielle Aplin.

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X-Factor Furniture

23 Oct 2012

Had a great afternoon yesterday at Out of the Dark, a High Wycombe-based charity that helps young people learn a trade, find some self-respect and recycle some damn good furniture while they’re at it.

They sell lots of their stuff at the trendy London design fairs as much of their stuff is mid-century, but they also exhibit locally. You can also buy straight from their warehouse just minutes outside the centre of Wycombe (though you’ll be driving up and down Oakridge Road for 10 minutes trying to find it – tip: from the A40, turn right onto Oakridge and it’s on the right at the bottom.

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Business meetings for big kids

14 Sep 2012

One of the reasons I went freelance after a decade in newspapers and magazines was to escape those deathly management meetings where you’d sit around a large table, pretending to have ‘input’ whilst being bored out of your head, doodling ferociously on your moleskin jotter and wishing you were outside in the sunshine with a gin and tonic.

Then again, if this had been in the meeting room, maybe I would have enjoyed myself a whole lot more.

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Knitted monsters. And why not!

20 Aug 2012

Sometimes you hear an idea and you just know it’s going to work. I came across the website for 10 Little Birds the other week and immediately fell in love with the concept. It  just chimes perfectly with our times. The business sells kids gifts but with everything priced at £10 or less – a kind of middle class version of the pound shop, but without the tat!

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And the Gold for Olympic excitement goes to…. LASSCO!

27 Jul 2012

Finally, it’s here. Olympic Friday. Hurray for the opening ceremony (come on Danny Boyle, you can do it) and the prospect of a lycra-heavy August. Sod the double dip recession, let’s get behind our national triceps – I mean team – and enjoy the Olympics for the spectacle it is, haha!

To get you in the mood, here’s a great shot from LAASCO Three Pigeons (just off J6 M40) who are obviously feeling the Olympic love too.

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