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5 unmissable Oscars moments

27 Feb 2017

As you might just have noticed, last night was the 89th Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. The movie industry’s finest got glammed up, came, saw and conquered… or, at least, thought they’d conquered but then realized someone had a made a humdinger of a boo-boo (more of which shortly). No time to read up extensively on the finer detail of the biggest, glitziest night on the showbiz calendar? Ta-da – here’s Muddy’s two-minute Oscars digest…

Someone had a very bad day at the office.

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Midlife movie alert! ‘T2 Trainspotting’ arrives Friday

25 Jan 2017

Where were you in 1996? Bursting with enthusiasm for your nascent career? Thrilling at the bright lights of the big city? Tearing up any dancefloor, festival field and gig moshpit you stumbled across? Whatever you were doing, you can’t fail to have clocked the vast cultural impact of Trainspotting. Danny Boyle’s iconic Brit flick of that year introduced a motley Edinburgh crew of strangely lovable rogues, druggies and psychopaths, led by Ewan McGregor as skinny jean-ed heroin addict, Renton.

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New films you need to see with your gal pals

16 Jan 2017

A trip to the flicks with girlfriends is one of life’s little pleasures: gossip, popcorn, a soupçon of culture, and a night out that doesn’t involve a hangover. What’s not to like? And right now is an excellent time to get a big screen jaunt booked in, given the slew of female-friendly movies coming up. So bench the man in your life, grab a girlfriend and go.


Jackie (out 20 Jan)

A hotly tipped Oscar contender, this biopic stars Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy and homes in on the bleak days following JFK’s assassination.

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The Golden Globes digested: your catch-up viewing

9 Jan 2017

Hollywood’s awards season kicked off last night with the Golden Globes, celebrating the best in TV and movies. I don’t know about you but when I scan the lists of nominees and winners for these things (after I’ve gawped at the red carpet frocks), I make a mental list of cultural catch-up viewing. Too much brilliant stuff to watch, not enough time, so I’ve made it easy for us all – here are my top Golden Globes picks and where to find them.

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What Girls Really Really Want

11 Jul 2016

I’m a bit slow off the mark with this – hats off to Lou, editor of Muddy Cornwall who spotted it waaaaay before me (*sniff*) – but if you haven’t already seen it, it’s definitely worth a gander.

It’s a vid featuring global female artists (none of whom I recognise but there you go,  that’s middle age for you) taking The Spice Girls’ Wannabee and grabbing the hashtag #WhatIReallyReallyWant by the scruff of its neck and flinging into the future.

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The Ab-Fab trailer – it’s actually funny!

30 Apr 2016

I’d heard that Ab Fab the movie was awash with star cameos and immediately pictured horrifically self-referencing fashion types who were in it to validate their lives. Well, admittedly there are some of those, but who cares? Because unlike the fun vacuum of Pret a Porter or more recently Zoolander 2, Ab Fab looks very, very funny. And – here, dip your finger deep into the icing –  Jon Hamm is in it too.

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EEK! See the trailer for Bridget Jones 3!

23 Mar 2016


Who cares if it’s not out until September?! The new trailer for Bridget Jones’s Baby has been squirreled out onto You Tube and people, let me tell you, it’s looking very very funny. I can just about forgive Renee Zellweger for messing around with that lovely face of hers, because thankfully she still does look very ‘Bridget’.

Colin Firth looks a little gaunt in this film in my humble opinion and Hugh Grant is apparently a no-show, but fear not – Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey is on board as new wonder totty, McDreamy.

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Shivers down the spine – ‘The BFG’ film trailer

9 Dec 2015

Hot off the presses and into my grubby hands is the first trailer for The BFG, Stephen Spielberg’s interpretation of Roald Dahl’s children’s classic.

It’s not coming out until Summer next year so you’d be forgiven for going ‘meh!’ and getting on with your day. Except when I watched the trailer I got all shivery and excited, so maybe you will to.

The film stars Mark Rylance (my Wolsey crush in Wolf Hall), Ruby Barhill as his young friend (below), Rebecca Hall, and the ever brilliant Penelope Wilton.

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Spectre: 5 Muddy thoughts on the latest Bond film

6 Nov 2015

Have you seen the Spectre yet? The new James Bond film is breaking box office records everywhere and seems to have that swagger of confidence that comes from its A-grade players – massive international names like Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Wishaw, Lea Seydoux, Monica Bellucci, Sam Mendes directing, Sam Smith whinnying the theme tune.

I so wanted to love it. And I very nearly did (Mr Muddy, true to form, nearly fell asleep so we can discount his opinion).

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Love (King) and Pride (sort of reviewed)

19 Sep 2014

I watched Pride last night with Mr Muddy.

Naughty Mark Kermode, who I usually love as a film reviewer, racked up slightly too much praise for this too-cute-and-formulaic BBC movie about the true story of the unlikely friendship between a Welsh colliery town and the Lesbian and Gay Support the Miners group in the Eighties, at the height of the miner’s strike.

I sat there with Mr Muddy, kind of enjoying it and laughing in parts, but the film to me like it was sleeping-walking that local field-good territory already better trodden by The Full Monty and Brassed Off.

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