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It’s International Women’s Day!

7 Mar 2017

Today is International Women’s Day and this year’s theme is all about forging a more inclusive, gender equal working world (#BeBoldForChange). To which we at Muddy say: hell yeah! To mark the occasion, we’ve picked our favourite trail-blazing, commotion-causing women from the creative industries. Ladies, we salute you and your wonderful work…

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What’s We’re Reading at Muddy HQ

2 Mar 2017

It’s World Book Day, an event you may well be cursing if you have primary school-age children who’ve had to dress up as the bloody BFG and your costume-making skills are on a par with mine – ie, utterly crap.

Anywaaaaay, we don’t like to dwell on the negatives here at Muddy so instead let’s celebrate all things literary with some reading list inspiration in the form of our the Muddy Book Club (without the wine, sadly – although there’s nothing to stop you pouring yourself a glass while you peruse this.

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Grab the remote! Two unmissable TV shows tonight

28 Feb 2017


Tonight, I will be downing tools, turning off my phone, and commandeering the sofa, remote and wine from 9pm – 11pm as not one, but two, fantastic TV shows arrive on the small screen.

First up, at 9pm on BBC1 is The Replacement, a three-part thriller.

I was lucky enough to go to a preview screening of the first episode and, believe me, it is edge-of-your seat stuff.

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How to (finally) write your best-seller

23 Feb 2017

Do you harbour literary ambitions? It seems almost everyone I speak to dreams of being a published author – one friend has put ‘write book’ on her list of new year’s resolutions every year for the last decade, while another has had a file on her computer called ‘Book’ (word count: 0) for as long as she can remember. Making that leap from pipe dream to picking out your dress for your launch party is a tricky business, to put it mildly.

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The Muddy Book Club: February’s best reads

19 Feb 2017

Need a new book to get stuck into? Muddy, as ever, is here to help. Taking being a bookworm to a whole new level is Muddy’s Kerry Potter. She gets 300 – yes, THREE HUNDRED shiny new tomes delivered to her house every month as she’s also books editor at a glossy mag (won’t somebody think of her postman and his lumbago?). So who better to do a monthly round-up of her favourite new releases?

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