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Grab the remote! Two unmissable TV shows tonight

28 Feb 2017


Tonight, I will be downing tools, turning off my phone, and commandeering the sofa, remote and wine from 9pm – 11pm as not one, but two, fantastic TV shows arrive on the small screen.

First up, at 9pm on BBC1 is The Replacement, a three-part thriller.

I was lucky enough to go to a preview screening of the first episode and, believe me, it is edge-of-your seat stuff.

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Hottie-watch – The Muddy Top 5 men!

8 Sep 2016

How can women maintain the high ground in their complaints about the many instances of male sexism? Well they can stop me lowering the tone for starters. But seriously, I just cannot for the life of me resist objectifying Rufus Sewell in the most lascivious way. How flaming hot is this man? Pass the fan people, I’m in meltdown here.

I used to have a celebrity sex pass back in the day.

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The new James Bond?

1 Mar 2016

Daniel Craig, it was nice knowing you and your itty bitty swimming trunks, but *sniff* I’m ready to move on. I’ve been quietly angsting about the new Bond because Mr Potato Head did a great job of playing a slightly thuggish, beefed up British spy, but whoo hoo! I’ve now spotted a brilliant new Bond in the lithesome figure of Tom Hiddleston who is currently steaming up the Muddy TV screen on a Sunday night in The Night Manager.

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WATCH THIS: Awesome trailer for Supergirl!!!

27 Oct 2015

At the risk of exposing myself as the last person on the planet to know about Supergirl, you have  to watch this trailer! I remember the Supergirl film from the mid-Eighties that starred Helen Slater and it was soooo lame, but this…. this my friends looks very different.

The new Supergirl is a TV series rather than a film, and starts this Friday (29 Oct) on Sky 1. 

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