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Muddy eats: The Green Dragon Eco Farm Restaurant

13 Dec 2015

I’ve enjoyed watching the quiet evolution of the Green Dragon Eco Centre & Rare Breeds Farm near Quainton since it launched early this year. As the business grows, they add bits here, try different things there, come up with big ideas and work out how to bring them to life.

Originally the cafe by the Reception started life as the one and only Eco Centre cafe, but as a family-friendly eaterie popped up in the soft play area, this original cafe has evolved into a more grown-up space that that they’ve renamed the Restaurant (though it still is very much a cafe feel), and one that doesn’t require entry into the Eco Centre at all.

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Coffee break: Boat, Streatley

15 Sep 2013


I went for a little exploratory jaunt into South Oxfordshire and ended up hopping over the border into Berkshire with Streatley/Goring. I put them together because, as anyone from the area knows, they’re inextricably linked, two picturesque villages a mere bridge away from each other.

On the Streatley side happens to be The Swan (above), a recently revamped hotel and gym that is situated in a gorgeous position on the river bank.

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Ten Mile Menu – the best foodie idea, like, ever!

19 Jan 2013

OMG I’m mega-excited about this company!

Ten Mile Menu – what a brilliant idea, and I say that from experience, having ordered some food from them a few days ago.

The concept is really simple. Instead of elbowing your way through a farmer’s market once a month, or driving around single suppliers (like, as if) , you can order the best local artisan food online at your convenience.

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Gather & Hunt

26 Nov 2012

Oh yes please Gather & Hunt. Not only is your name fabulous, the signage super-cool and the spot on Marlow High Street about as peachy a pozzy as you can get, but the food… *sigh*.


Opening the doors to a shamelessly artisan bakery/grocery/condiment/treaty shop in these buttock-clenching financial times takes some guts, but Martina the owner of Gather & Hunt is so full of enthusiasm and energy that I think she will carry the day.

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Fab interiors shop – and the SALE’S ON!

1 Sep 2012

When I was in Amersham last month I popped into an interiors shop, not really expecting much, just nosing really. It’s taken me a month to get around to writing about Su Chases Interiors, but turns out that’s a good thing as the SALE starts today. Whoopee!

So the shop… Looks pretty small from the outside, but goes for miles once you’re past the initial room. 

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REVIEW: Broughton Castle, North Oxfordshire

19 Aug 2012

I always get excited when I come across new bits of the county, and this week I happened across Broughton Castle in North Oxfordshire – gorgeous for a romantic stroll or a day out with kids.

Privately owned, the 14th century Broughton Castle, complete with moat, is prettily situated a few miles outside Banbury, and though not grand like Warwick, or a romantic ruin like Corfe there’s something really charming about it.

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Another market town, another reason to shop…

29 Jun 2012

I popped over to the pretty market town of Winslow (about 6 miles south of Buckingham) the other day, as I’d been told about a couple of shops to try out.

I’ve been umming and ahhing about whether to mention them because Winslow is in no way a shopping destination in the way that, say, Marlow or Henley are,  but there’s something about Winslow that I like, and this little square of shops sits conveniently around the main shopping square.

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