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First public viewing of this Property Flirt!

24 Oct 2016

Well this is a first! A Property Flirt that’s so brand spanking new, it’s not even had its Open Day. This fully-refurbished beauty is in Haddenham, Bucks – a village that is proving to be catnip for commuters and parents looking for good schools. Bear that in mind when we play our little game of guess the price, and the reader within £5k of the asking price gets to play builders and housewives with Nick Knowles (just to give you the heads up, he usually prefers to play the housewife).

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Property Flirt – oh I say, Vicar!

7 Sep 2016

If you’ve never played Property Flirt before (and if not, what have you been doing with your surfing time?), welcome to one of the most popular bits of Muddy Stilettos, where I show you round a mega des res in Bucks or Oxon, you guess the price and the winner gets to go on a romantic night out with Kevin McCloud.

You ready to rumble? Here we go,.

Flint House, above, is a gorgeous ex-parsonage in the middle of Penn St village, Bucks, built in 1849 and designed by Benjamin Ferrey, a specialist in the Gothic revival style.

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Property Flirt

5 Sep 2016


Before the country called and breeding ensued, I spent years living in Islington with Mr Muddy. One of our pet jokes was walking past the beautiful Georgian squares their their lights on the curtains wide open (show offs!), peering in and singing a little song about ‘Looking into people’s houses/Seeing how they’re living’ (um, yeah, I think you had to be there). Anyway, that’s really been the inspiration for Property Flirt, one of my favourite bits of the blog because yes, I’m nosey and yes I have property envy and yessity yes I want to pretend for a moment that I’m going to be living in that house one day.

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A Georgian Property Flirt in Penn

16 Aug 2016

I’ll say straight from the off that this property is waaaaaay out my league, but isn’t it fun seeing how the other half live?!

Have a good nose at this property, guess the price, and then see the bank manager, sell the family silver,  beg and borrow from your mum and dad (do they really need to be in that swish retirement home?) and come up with a multi-million pound international business pronto.

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Property Flirt: a blousy 4-bed on the border

3 Aug 2016

Oooh la la and fling my bra (ahhhhh, remember those days?)

Here’s a Property Flirt to titillate anyone on the Bucks/Oxon borders, a modern build that rises well above the standard thanks to some lovely architectural flourishes. Fancy guessing the price? No cheatypoos please, I’ll give you some clues, show you the pics, and then put in what you think it’s worth in the comment box before you click through and see how close you get.

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The toughest Property Flirt yet – can you guess the price?

22 Jul 2016

Property Flirt is one of the most popular features on Muddy – because you’re all nosy like me! – so I’m all for keeping it interesting by giving you new challenges. This house is a tricky one to guess on price, I think it might have the better of you (wah, ha, haaaaaa). Not a palatial pile from the outside, but with huge facilities and potential. You up for nose around?

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A very different Property Flirt

14 Jul 2016

We like to mix it up a bit on Muddy Property Flirts – a modernist Grand Design here, a cute cottage there. And this grand dame is different again. Because, um, we can’t get a view of her drawers.

Why? This house been in the same hands since 1947, and there has been not much in the way of internal zsushing by the sound of it, so today we are not so much peeping through the keyhole as checking out the proportions.

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A Grand Designs Property Flirt

27 Jun 2016

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Only a bona fide Grand Designs house to nose around!

Very tricky to guess the price on architecturally pioneeering houses like this one, but let’s have a stab. What to tell you first? This modern ’round house’ is in Deanshanger, a village close to MK that has schools for all age groups, village shops, a post office, doctor’s surgery, pub and all that jazzaroo.

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Property Flirt

10 Jun 2016

Let me just position myself under this willow tree with a large gin and tonic while I smile about my good fortune at owning Willow Hedge, this elegant Edwardian house on the private Abbotsbrook Estate, just half a mile from Bourne End village and four from Marlow. Hard not to feel smug, right?

OK, well, now I’m sitting comfortably looking at my imaginary house, here’s the latest Property Flirt to have you scratching your head about how much it’s actually worth.

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Property Flirt: chocolate box tasty

31 May 2016

When I moved out from London, this beautiful thatched cottage is pretty much a replica of the house I rented, then subsequently bought – quintessentially chocolate box, the kind of beautiful English property that belongs to Hugh Grant in a Richard Curtis movie. If this is your kind of heaven, or if you’re just kind of nosey like me, see if you can guess the grand pris. Anyone who gets within £5k wins a meal out with Kevin McCloud and a Bucks & Oxon novelty Monopoly set.

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