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Top 10 Xmas books for kids ages 8-12

12 Dec 2016

Here you go, the second of the Muddy book guides to help you decide the best tomes for Christmas. As usual we’ve deployed the local experts, this time picking Sam’s brain at Books & Ink on her Top 10 fiction picks for kids 8-12.

Star Wars Galactic Atlas

This is the must have Christmas present for Star Wars fans of all ages.

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Wendover Wood: purveyors of sweet gifts

12 Apr 2016

Wendover Wood is a tiny company in mid-Bucks that creates these lovely traditional wood-turned toys. Aren’t they sweeeeet? When my kids were young enough to wedge this type of game between the plates of a radiator or pee on them from across the room, my one solace was that at least the pieces left over looked tasteful strewn across the bedroom. Well, when you have two kids under two, you take your solace where you can find it.

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Top 10 Children’s Books for Xmas (7-11yrs)

17 Dec 2015

The second of our expert book guides to help you buy the perfect gifts for Crimbo. For the 7-11 year category – always a toughie – we’ve enlisted the help of the brilliant indie Mostly Books in Abingdon. Thanks for the tips MB!

Meet at the Ark at Eight! by Ulrich Hub

Snow and ice all around, and nothing for three penguins to do but fight with each other and smell slightly of fish.

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