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Cool camping

21 Mar 2017

Have you given a thought to summer camping yet? Those yurts, lodges and cool glampy sites get booked up waaaaay in advance, so to give you the early heads up, here are the 25 best places to start your search, as chosen by the people in the know –  the regional Muddy editors.


Hollington Park Glamping ,Woollen Hill, nr Newbury

If you love the idea of getting back to basics, but can’t quite bring yourself to sleep on a deflating air mattress, pitch up at Hollington Park Glamping near Newbury.

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The Muddy Summer Festival Guide: Oxon, Bucks & beyond

27 Jun 2016

I’m a dedicated Glastonbury lover from the *ahem*  comfort of my sofa – I had an awesome front row of Chris Martin for starters, and let me tell you, the toilet facilities are way better. But whether you’re a namby-pamby glamper like me or a hardcore roll-in-mud and wet-wipes-at-dawn music-fan, here’s the Muddy Guide to the best festivals due to amp-it-up in Bucks, Oxon and beyond over the next few months.

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Try this: Cool camping in Longridge, nr Marlow

10 Aug 2015

Excited to tell you about this because it is a great option for low-hassle camping – and lord knows in the not-very-tent-friendly Muddy family we like the sound of that!

I’ve wrote a few weeks ago about the children’s activity days at Longridge (nr Marlow) that run through summer (see my post here), but it’s also worth telling you about the Family Activity Weekend I just went on with the Muddy ankle-biters.

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WIN family tickets to Wilderness Festival! Eeeek!

18 Jun 2012

Whoopee! The lovely organisers of Wilderness saw my post on festivals last week, and have just called to offer Muddy Stilettos readers a family ticket (2 kids, 2 adults) with camping worth £260 for Wilderness on the 10th-12th August in Cornbury, Oxfordshire.

We’ll take those, thank you very much!

What’s on at Wilderness?

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Thinking about hiring a yurt? Read my tips first!

9 May 2012

If you happened to be passing through Haddenham yesterday morning at around 9am, you may have seen a dishevelled, harrassed woman, looking somewhat older than her years, shuffling towards the school gates with her children. Me in fact –  just back from shivering in a yurt in West Norfolk.

Yurting is, of course, a ‘glamping’ experience for wet blankets like myself who don’t enjoy the boring effort involved in pitching a tent, trekking for supplies, wriggling in sleeping bags or any of that malarchy (this blog is not called Muddy Stilettos for nothing!).

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Here’s to glaravaning in the Isle of Wight

12 Apr 2012

I’ve just come back from caravaning (or glaravaning if you want to be trendy about it) in a 1954 Spartanette Airstream on the Isle of Wight through Vintage Vacations  – our beauty is on the far right of the photo above. Apart from the natural tensions arising from 3 wriggly children in a small narrow space, it was a really brilliant trip.

Vintage Vacations operates a dozen or so caravans in a big field just outside Ryde, so near the East coast beaches.

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