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Stay here: Vanbrugh House Hotel, Oxford

6 Sep 2016

You had me at ‘Georgian front door’. Vanbrugh House Hotel won the Muddy Stilettos Award 2016 for best boutique hotel and having stayed the night it’s easy to see why. This honey-stoned beauty, bang in central Oxford, offers something a bit different. Firstly, there’s no restaurant for dinner and no bar, and I loved that, because it feels very modern – why have one of those fusty hotel eateries when you’re on St Michael’s St with all the city delights within a 2 minute walk?

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Try this: Up to the top with Brighton’s i360

12 Aug 2016

It’s proving very useful having lots of regional Muddies, as occasionally I’m reminded that there is actually life outside of Buck & Oxon! Debbie, who does a brilliant job of editing Muddy Sussex, recently went up the brand new i360 tower in Brighton. If you’re planning a trip that way, check out her blog. In the meantime, here’s her review of the i360, for those of you who have a head for heights.

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Beautiful Biarritz – the perfect mini break

2 Jul 2013

I  made a big song and dance about going to Biarritz with my girlfriends a few weeks back. ‘I need a break! I’m going to be crazy and fun! I’m going to eat, drink and be merry!’

What  I didn’t know at the time was that the Goddess of Bad Luck and Party Pooping (she’s a multi-tasker, I’ll give her that) was going to give me food poisoning at the airport – yes you Pret A Manger sushi – and that I was set to spend the next three days running for the lav and feeling sorry for myself.

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Weekend getaways in London – without kids!!

13 Feb 2011

Organising a weekend away without my kids means months of research, meticulous planning and acts of brazen emotional bribery towards my mother. (You want some tips? OK. ‘Don’t you love your grandchildren?’ ‘I thought you wanted me to have a break?’ ‘It’s only 48 hours’. ‘You’re lucky I live so close, loads of grandparents don’t see their grandkids at all’. ‘I’m just so exhausted, you know?’ Go on, you try.)

Thus, I am already plotting an Autumn hotel break away in London. 

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