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My Favourite Places: Sue Bell, Turquoise Holidays

5 Apr 2017

If you’re going to ask someone about their favourite places to stay in the world it sure as damn it should be someone who owns a luxury travel company! So it’s kia ora, bula and jambo to Sue Bell of the awesome Turquoise Holiday Company, specialists in luxury long-haul and exotic destinations, beloved of top travel editors and savvy travelers and – lucky us – local to the area in Beaconsfield…

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An Insider’s Guide to the Caribbean

21 Sep 2016

I’ve been to the Caribbean twice in my life – once to Grenada and once to Saint Lucia, both for travel features (I know, feel my pain). It’s daft that I haven’t returned with my family since then, but I think historically the Caribbean as a holiday destination has had its barriers – either people think it’s horrifically expensive and only for the superposh, or they imagine it’s too far (though Saint Lucia, Antigua and Barbados are only 8 hours away).

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Asiatic beauty

24 Mar 2016

Last Thursday, Team Muddy came mid-table at the first pub quiz held at The Quince Tree in Stonor. Very disappointed to be so groaningly average when we so deserved to go down in flames but, God I love a pub quiz, and it was a really fun night (they’re weekly with another one this evening if you feel giving it a go). I mention it because the questionmaster stumped me with one question.

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The Muddy Travel Guide to NZ

10 Feb 2016

When I interviewed James Bell from Beaconsfield-based Turquoise Holidays before Christmas about the best way to travel long haul as a family, I had a sneaky ulterior motive – I was planning a family trip to New Zealand for the five of us. (Yeah, I know, whoaaaaa, pass the tramadol).

Being told which way to fly around the world, which airline to choose for decent seats, plus an inside line on the cool new things to try in NZ (I hadn’t been back there for 8 years) was invaluable, so if you’re booking a long haul destination – safari?

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In it for the long haul

6 Jan 2016

Feel like booking a holiday to some sun? Er, YEAH, me too. Are you thinking about long haul? Possibly not. There’s a bit of a mental block on it isn’t there? With four years living in Sydney and Australia in my twenties, I know all about the perils of long haul. Mr Muddy (an all-out jandal-wearing kiwi) and I lived in NZ for several years in the halycon days of youth and no kids, but it’s taken eight years to get us back Down Under – prior to this year, the thought of traveling all that way with toddlers and young children has filled us with doom.

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Where the travel experts go on holiday

16 Jul 2015

Ever wondered where the travel experts head on their hols? Tim Winkworth from the Family Adventure Company (Have you checked them out? They’re amazing) knows a thing or two about what to look for, so here are his tips for a brilliant break.

 Morocco: Riad Arganier D’or

This place is incredible, only 20kms from Taroudant, on an orange grove nestling at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains, so not a bad location!

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Family ski holidays – insane or inspired?

16 Jan 2013


More than anything Mr Muddy loves to ski, and it’s been a source of great irritation to him over the last few years that trivial things like C-sections and eye-watering epidurals have meant my back is not up to snowboarding. It’s still dodgy as it happens, but something about Mr Muddy’s pleading eyes made me give in this year, so just before Christmas all five of us went on a family skiing holiday.

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