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An Insider’s Guide to the Caribbean

21 Sep 2016

I’ve been to the Caribbean twice in my life – once to Grenada and once to Saint Lucia, both for travel features (I know, feel my pain). It’s daft that I haven’t returned with my family since then, but I think historically the Caribbean as a holiday destination has had its barriers – either people think it’s horrifically expensive and only for the superposh, or they imagine it’s too far (though Saint Lucia, Antigua and Barbados are only 8 hours away).

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Top 10 things to do in Dorset

23 May 2016

I’m starting to do more travel on Muddy, figuring that though you love Oxon and Bucks you like to escape sometimes too (quick, dig the tunnels). I mentioned Perfect Stays a few days ago, a luxury self-catering company in Cornwall and Devon that looks *awesome* and is on my radar to try out over the summer, but if you’re into shorter traveling times and have your sights set on Dorset, I reckon Deans Court in Wimborne (above) will tick your boxes too.

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Booking for the Edinburgh Festival?

11 Apr 2016

Here’s an admission. I’ve never been to the Edinburgh Fringe. Or Glastonbury for that matter. Not very cool of me but *sigh* here you go. Whilst nothing will ever ever ever induce me to don wellies and carry wet wipes around all weekend at Glasto, I do have pangs of guilt and remorse at having never been to the Festival. I’m not sure why I’ve never made the pilgrimage really, because I love anything arty and theatrey (hey don’t judge, that’s an official word on Muddy Stilettos).

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The Muddy Travel Guide to NZ

10 Feb 2016

When I interviewed James Bell from Beaconsfield-based Turquoise Holidays before Christmas about the best way to travel long haul as a family, I had a sneaky ulterior motive – I was planning a family trip to New Zealand for the five of us. (Yeah, I know, whoaaaaa, pass the tramadol).

Being told which way to fly around the world, which airline to choose for decent seats, plus an inside line on the cool new things to try in NZ (I hadn’t been back there for 8 years) was invaluable, so if you’re booking a long haul destination – safari?

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A random guide to West Wales

4 Aug 2014

Much as I appreciate the rugged beauty of Scotland and the romance of Ireland, in my humble opinion they don’t touch West Wales for the magical combination of pristine white beaches, beautiful castles and quirkily charming towns (cue angry comments – come on, let’s be having you!).

Last week I returned from a fantastic short break here, and the trip has inspired me to tell you a few places that you might want to put on your must-go list if you’re considering a British get away this summer.

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A wicked weekend in Barcelona

22 May 2012

Did you miss me (or even notice I’d gone)?!

Either way, I’m back –  rested, relaxed and still ever so slightly hungover after a long weekend in Barcelona without kids – my noisy, whiny, don’t-want-to-go-to-beddy children who I thought I may throttle on Thursday night, but who I now think are rather nice again. That’s the glory of four days away.

Maybe you’re thinking you need to get away too. In which case, here are my handy tips for making the most of your citybreak…

1/ Don’t feel guilty
You may be the kind of parents who angst about the effect your absence will have on your children.

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