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Escape the rat race at Old Farm, Snowdonia

18 Dec 2012

Bore da!

I had a fantastic weekend away in North Wales a few weeks ago with Sheepskin Life, a Wheatley-based company with a crack list of lodges and houses, mostly in Wales but others dotted around the Cotswolds, the Peak District, Exmoor and Scotland too. I’ve used Rural Retreats, English Country Cottages etc in the past but the service from Sheepskin Life is definitely superior (personalised suggested itineraries through the post, posh welcome goodie packs) and their lodges/retreats are definitely on the cooler side.

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Fit for a king

6 Dec 2012

You know you need a break from your children when you start rolling your eyes when they ask for impertinent things like more fruit, a book or – don’t push it – a cuddle.

And so it came to pass that my children scurried off gratefully to the warm bosom of their grandmother while Mr Muddy and I went in search of sanity, a good sleep and a bit of, um, ‘grown up time’ at Hartwell House.

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In search of rampant sleep – hotels for couples

21 Mar 2011

If you don’t know what rampant sleep is, I’m guessing you don’t have children. It’s what you do when you go away with your husband to a nice hotel, relax in a bubble bath, have a bottle of wine and a flirt over dinner, then start snoring at approximately 9pm before you’ve had a chance to put on your pricey new undies. A highly pleasurable experience as it happens!

S and I escaped to Henley on a sunny day, no kids to harrass us, nothing to do but browse in shops (yes, browse!!

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Weekend getaways in London – without kids!!

13 Feb 2011

Organising a weekend away without my kids means months of research, meticulous planning and acts of brazen emotional bribery towards my mother. (You want some tips? OK. ‘Don’t you love your grandchildren?’ ‘I thought you wanted me to have a break?’ ‘It’s only 48 hours’. ‘You’re lucky I live so close, loads of grandparents don’t see their grandkids at all’. ‘I’m just so exhausted, you know?’ Go on, you try.)

Thus, I am already plotting an Autumn hotel break away in London. 

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