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Want a wedding ring at 50% off? I do!

5 Oct 2016

When Mr Muddy and I got married the wedding ring was a bit of an afterthought. It was all about the diamonds, and we were just about exhausted with the whole process by the time Mr Muddy asked me whether I liked the rose gold or the stainless steel band that I did my Little Britain impression almost horizontal in my seat and said ‘I want that one’.

Wedding bands have moved on though, haven’t they – maybe it’s the ever-growing trend for all things personalised, or the fact that in second, third and subsequent marriages there’s less finger bling and more emphasis on the band itself.

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Let’s PARTY!!! Cornwall Manor opens for guests

18 Apr 2016

Whoo-hoo! I’m so excited to tell you about this because I know Cornwell Manor – I had a sneaky peaky around it last year (friend of a friend stuff) – and I’m not kidding, it’s one of the loveliest manor houses in the Cotswolds. It’s a total stonker.

Cornwell Manor is close to Chipping Norton in stunning rolling countryside, a 2000 acre estate with a Jacobean manor house (updated with a Georgian facade in the 18th century), a petite Norman church, lakes, wood, streams and gardens designed by Clough Williams-Ellis who created the brilliant Italianate gardens at Portmeirion in North Wales.

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Wedding ring-a-ding-ding!

26 Mar 2015


If you’re getting married, or know someone who is, you’ll want to know about this – the Biagio ‘Golden Ticket’ Wedding Rings event, which started last week and still has a couple of days to run until 30 March (so get a lick on!).

Basically you choose your wedding rings in store, and you get given a golden ticket which entitles you to between 10-50% off the wedding rings ordered.

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