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Deep tissue issue? Say hi to David Lucas

21 Mar 2017

Firstly, what a cute puppy! And no, he’s not totally extraneous to the feature (*tut*).

But let’s start at the beginning.

My body has been falling apart for the best part of 20 years, and now that I sit down at a desk/at a restaurant/in a theatre/in the car for 12 hours a day I’m seizing up in places I didn’t even know existed.

From time to time I decide I’m going to battle the problem head-on –  I’ll start exercising regularly, stretch my body, get in shape and generally – PING!

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Move over Bieber! Muddy tries cupping

20 Feb 2017

I’m always on the look out for the stuff that’s slightly new, different or quirky in the area, and blow me down if I haven’t found it! The brilliant Thame Therapy Clinic, which I’ve used on personal level for everything for osteos and acupuncture (my never ending bad back), to some cranial work on my first born when he headbutted my womb wall for 12 hours flat, run the whole gamut of complementary treatments, and they’ve added cupping to their offering since my last visit in 2015.

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Integrate me, baby! The Bagnall Centre

7 Feb 2017

It’s interesting how ‘wellness’ has become an accepted concept over the last year, isn’t it? It feels like our health is finally viewed as more than a pill popped or ten minutes offloading at the harrassed doctor’s surgery, with complementary therapies increasingly part of our lives, whether it’s acupuncture to help fertility or reflexology to help with migraines.

There are quite a few large complementary health centres around these parts, but I think former Muddy Award winners The Bagnall Centre for Integrated Healthcare in Chesham really puts its money where its mouth is.

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On my soapbox

18 Jan 2017

OK, it’s time to clamber back onto my soapbox. Actually, can you just bear with me while I do three sets of tricep dips off it first? As is the drill in January, I’m using this relatively quiet time of year, undistracted by mulled wine and stilton, to ramp up my health and fitness. Eating a bit less, moving a bit more, trying to jiggle into my lycra leggings that I’m sure didn’t feel like tighter than clingfilm this time last year.

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Muddy tries Sculpsure, non-invasive fat-blasting. Yes, I’m serious.

16 Nov 2016

Through this door (or if we’re being truthful, around the corner where it’s less obvious) is the S-Thetics clinic in Beaconsfield, winner just three days ago of Best New Practice South England and Wales at the #myfacemybody awards at the Park Lane Hilton.

Those who read Muddy regularly know that I have an uncomfortable relationship to the idea of injectables and too much faffing with what nature intended – in my case a large case of crow’s feet and an arse the size of Thame.

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Muddy tries: Clinic on the Green

10 Nov 2016

If I were to start a competition to find the cutest, quirkiest alternative therapy centre in rural England, I think the Clinic on the Green would have a good stab at winning it. Sitting on the green (well, what did you expect?) in Bletchington, a sleepy, pretty village 2 miles north of Kidlington, 5 miles east of Woodstock and 6 miles south of Bicester is a small, stone building, warm and welcoming in the sunlight, that offers a range of treatments from osteopathy, podiatry and sports massage to the more unusual offerings like Reiki, Maya Abdominal Massage and Emotional Freedom Techniques.

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Life mapping and Reiki

6 Oct 2016

Reiki is one of those alternative therapies that really divides. Practioners don’t have to be trained, so you or I could easily set ourselves up as a reiki therapist. On the other hand, if you believe in energy forces in the body, if you want to feel someone in tune with you, who can help you relax and cope with what life throws at you, Valerie Queyrel from A Better You could well be your woman.

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Red House Spa – cool, modern and in Amersham!

14 Sep 2016

I’m really excited to write about Red House Spa because I know you’re going to love it. This brand spinky spanky new beauty spa soft launched over the summer  and oh-my-G, it’s really impressive – I’ve been to enough beauty salons and read enough Orwell to know that, some beauty salons really are more equal than others.

Red House Spa has something unheard of in most regional beauty salons and that is a very cool style aesthetic.

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The Bowen Technique

2 Sep 2016

Until I had those pesky children, my back was a thing of wonderment. No problems with it at all. Bendy, stretchy, able to withstand a sprint triathlon of two (well I’m not doing a full one, are you mad?). Then the midgets came along, but only after two caesareans, three epidurals and a pair of surgical salad dressers thrown, Jamie Oliver style, into the mix. Ever since, my back has been a recipe for disaster – see what I did there?!

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