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Head to toe health check – do you have the nerve for it?

12 Mar 2017

With the NHS buckling under pressure, GP surgeries rammed and seemingly a different doctor working every time you manage to rugby tackle a receptionist for an appointment, it’s no wonder that private doctor surgeries are stepping into the gap.

The idea being that, for a monthly or annual fee, you can call up and get an appointment at your convenience, see the same doctor each time, talk through your issues without being rushed or dismissed with a ‘come back if it’s not cleared up in 4 weeks’ and feel so happy you’ll do star jumps on any beach you come across in your itty bitty shorts.

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Integrate me, baby! The Bagnall Centre

7 Feb 2017

It’s interesting how ‘wellness’ has become an accepted concept over the last year, isn’t it? It feels like our health is finally viewed as more than a pill popped or ten minutes offloading at the harrassed doctor’s surgery, with complementary therapies increasingly part of our lives, whether it’s acupuncture to help fertility or reflexology to help with migraines.

There are quite a few large complementary health centres around these parts, but I think former Muddy Award winners The Bagnall Centre for Integrated Healthcare in Chesham really puts its money where its mouth is.

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Let’s get physical! (um, not like that)

5 Jan 2017


Really need to do something to counteract those 8,000 mince pies? Us too. But breaking out that neglected Lycra (or in Hillary Swank’s case, that itty bitty bikini) is flippin’ hard, especially when it’s cold and dark outside and Netflix is emiting its siren call. But look people, there are ways of eassssing yourself, Muddy style, into a non-terrifying new year fitness regime. Steve Carvey,  triathlete and superstar PT at the awesome  David Lloyd Oxford gym, has some properly helpful, insightful tips for Muddy readers whether we’re gym bunnies,  freeformers, or morning-dodgers (hit the snooze button, I’ll get up when I’m good and ready). 

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Muddy tries: Clinic on the Green

10 Nov 2016

If I were to start a competition to find the cutest, quirkiest alternative therapy centre in rural England, I think the Clinic on the Green would have a good stab at winning it. Sitting on the green (well, what did you expect?) in Bletchington, a sleepy, pretty village 2 miles north of Kidlington, 5 miles east of Woodstock and 6 miles south of Bicester is a small, stone building, warm and welcoming in the sunlight, that offers a range of treatments from osteopathy, podiatry and sports massage to the more unusual offerings like Reiki, Maya Abdominal Massage and Emotional Freedom Techniques.

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