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The Muddy JOBS site!

1 Nov 2016

I’ve come over all jittery and overexcited, and it’s not like I’ve even had my sixth coffee of the morning yet. Holy crap, the Muddy JOBS site is alive and kicking, people!

If this latest development on the blogaroo has passed you by (where have you been?!) , I decided to start a proper JOBS section on the blog a few months ago because I constantly meet so many brilliant, smart people who are struggling to stop the commute, or change career, or find something that they can do locally around their kids that won’t freeze their brain, but they just can’t seem to find it in the local papers and mags.

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Looking for a new job? Come this way…

25 Sep 2016

I’m incredibly excited about the new jobs section that will be appearing next month on Muddy in a puff of smoke, a swirl of magic, and an effortless voila! (sort of).

I won’t bore you with too much detail now as you’ll be able to see it soon enough yourselves, but the idea of the jobs section came from me posting several job ads on the blog, only to discover that the employers were inundated with brilliant, smart candidates in contrast to the tepid response from local mags, newspapers and recruitment agencies.

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Work & Life: Biagio the Jeweller

17 Jun 2015

Biagio the Jeweller has been the go-to store for diamonds and beautiful jewellery in Oxfordshire for the last 20 years, and it’s easy to see why when your read how hard he works! Biagio’s energy levels are exhausting me. pass me a solitaire to revive my spirits, will you?



6.30 I’m up and getting my youngest daughter Ava ready for school.

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