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Fab new beauty treatments you’ll love

I’m not really one for moaning about how my skin is going saggy and my bum is dingle-dangling to my knees, but given this is a feature about beauty, I suppose I should put my hand up and say the Muddy décolletage and tummy have seen, er, slightly *firmer* days.

I try to take care of my skin now but back in the day I abused it something terrible. When I was in my twenties and living in Sydney, I remember dragging my monstrous hangover to Bondi Beach, where I sank gratefully into a deep sleep – too ill to bother with any suncream. I went topless, but for some reason had fallen asleep with my hands over my breasts. When I woke up I had two bright red comedy hand prints over my boobs with the shadow of my fingers touching together in the middle of my chest. No kidding! It took two flippin years for the marks to go completely, but of course the  damage was done and the Muddy décolletage has never fully recovered from the trauma.

More recently, on a cheerier note, the Muddy torso has lost a stone in flab (thank you Steve at Fitlife – you rock!), but I noticed the other day that suddenly my tummy looked a bit wrinkly with its surprise shrinkage. I think I’ve been pretty lucky with my skin over the years – no stretchmarks or that malarkey – so that was a bit of shock.


The good news – and I’m clinging to it like a vanity life-raft – is that I’ve discovered a brand new treatment that can fix the problem. Whoopo!! And in fact I tried it other day at Cannelle in Summertown (it’s also available at the Henley salon if you’re that way).


The nerve centre for skin rejuvenation…

Basically it’s a infra red massage that heats your skin to between 39-42 degrees, the point at which your collagen is stimulated to and starts to ping things back into shape. The treatment takes about half an hour and costs roughly £160 for an area like a tummy of about two hands-size), and it’s quite rigorous with the beautician having to put in quite a lot of welly massaging the area with a special roller. It’s not painful, but neither is a treatment in which you will drift off to your happy place and wake up murmuring, ‘Antonio, we mustn’t, oh, Antonio, yes, right there….’

Monica in action on the Muddy collagen

Monica in action on the Muddy collagen

Obviously the more treatments you have the more your collagen will be tickled into action, though I can see a difference with just one. Happily the results continue to improve for several months, so you could try one and see where it gets you, or go for the jugular and get it sorted with a set of sessions.

The other new treatment I tried – and sorry, I know this isn’t glamorous but you’ll want to know this! –  was hard skin removal on the heels. Sometimes the scraping and sawing with the  buffer at home just doesn’t cut it and there’s nothing worse than rhino skin ruining a good sling back or sandal.


The brilliant Monica at Cannelle (below) drew the very short straw of dealing with the Muddy feet. I won’t revolt you with photos but let’s just say that there is a fantastic new chemical Callus Peeling (catchy name!) on the market that really softens your feet in a way previously not possible on the high street.


The woman innocently sitting next to me having a pedicure was amazed at the, um, rebirth of my feet next door (let’s be no more graphic than that) but it was really impressive, the kind of treatment that I’d probably use twice a year – now with spring about to start, and again at the beginning of Autumn when my feet have been hammered by a summer out in the sun. At £30 for the 30 minute treatment it’s affordable too, and it reduced to £20 if you book in a pedicure too.

As ever let me know if you give them a go, and if I hear of any other new treatments that can buff, pluck or massage us into near-as-dammit perfection you’ll be the first to know.

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1 comment on “Fab new beauty treatments you’ll love”

  • Lizzie Owen March 8, 2015

    I’m going to look into this little treatment – doesn’t sound as evasive as collagen contouring, which involves threads through the jowel to lift a sagging neck line – remember the days we didn’t even know about this stuff!! Thank you for the post x


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