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Muddy tries: Facial Reflexology

I am a natural cynic about much of what the beauty and holistic industries have to offer, but one thing I do know works for me is reflexology. I love it. I always get that crazy zingy feeling zipping through my body at the end of a treatment when they align my chakras or clear my body waves or whatever it is they do.

I used to have it weekly when I was pregnant and also after I had my babies, falling asleep breastfeeding while the lovely reflexologist tickled the Muddy tootsies. But you fall out of good habits and into bad ones, and I stopped having the treatments.

Fast forward 8 years and I came across Jo Munro, a facial reflexologist no less. Yeah, just think about for a second! I’ve never tried that treatment before so I was at it like a rat up a rope, not least because Jo delivers the Holy Grail of Muddy treatments – the home visit *sigh*.

Jo has the beautiful, calm demeanour of a woman who clearly at peace with herself – I just wanted to scream at her, hand over your inner karma, it’s mine!! – but thought that would freak her out and then she’d run off without reflexing my face. Here she is *sigh*. Just looking at her makes me feel relaxed.


Jo is a trained reflexologist but also astrology readings, so she came armed with star charts and readings based on date, place and time of birth. Even though I don’t understand it, and am not sure I even believe it, it’s massively fun hearing about what the sun, moon and stars think of my scintillating personality, as well as my massive weaknesses. It was a fun start to the treatment, particularly because she could then use her findings to inform her reflexology session.

The treatment couch was set up in my living room, and as soon as I saw those soft towels and blankets that was it, I was on that bed faster than a bride on her wedding night.

Time to drift off to sleepy land.

Time to drift off to sleepy land.

So what does facial reflexology feel like? Not as different from a normal facial as you might think – it was very relaxing (the Muddy snore came out at one point) with occasional moments of reflexology ‘zing’. I know loads of people who can’t bear having their feet touched so facial reflexology would be a way for them to access the treatment without freaking out. I love having my feet massaged so I’d probably err towards foot reflexology for that reason alone, but facial reflexology still accesses the same meridians and pressure points so it’s definitely worth considering.

Prices are reasonable for a specialist treatment at home –  £45 for a 45 minute treatment, or you can have an added nutrient mask for £65 for a 65 minute treatment. Or add a back and neck massage to make it £65 for a 70 minute treatment. Astrology is on top of that, it’s a separate cost of £75 for the hour. You’ll have to make the judgement call on that one!


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