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Holy fat-blasters!

Muddy tries Sculpsure, a fat-busting treatment that promises 24% less fat in 25 minutes. Yup, seriously.

Back in November I wrote about my first of two treatments of Sculpsure, a new fat-blasting treatment being offered by slick Beaconsfield aesthetic clinic S-thetics,  A relatively new import in the UK – S-Thetics is the first clinic outside London to offer it – there have been 50,000 successful treatments in the States.

Basically it’s a 21st century version of liposuction, except instead of a dangerous operation where fat is sucked out of the body with a long surgerical recovery period, this procedure is laser based, and blasts through the epidermis through to the fat without upsetting the layers above it, destroying up to 24% of the fat cells forever in the process in just 25 minutes. Yeah go on, get your head around that statistic for a second!

Sherina Balaratnam (above), who owns the clinic, is a former NHS surgeon with 6 years of plastic surgical training and she’s created a very female-friendly, visually appealling clinic, all bright and white with candles, flowers and thoughtful touches that would be an anathema to many of the crustier male practioners.

How it works:

The plastic frames in place read to blast 8 sections of fat

A plastic ‘frame’ is attached to whatever area needs blasting and then the individual lasers are attached to these points. There are four individual lasers that attach to the plastic frames and each one costs £250. So if you’re after your tummy area being sorted and you’re average size, it will cost you £1000-2000, though you get better results after two treatments six weeks apart so you might want to double that figure. The treatment is most effective for those with a BMI under 30, so it’s really for those with stubborn areas of fat that refuse to disappear even with exercise (ergo, I’m totally made for this treatment).

First treatment:  I went in without a care in the world in mid November – tra la la!! – and came out a bit shell-shocked because let me tell you, it’s intense. But seriously, what was I thinking? Of course it is. To destroy 24% of fat cells in 25 minutes ain’t going to feel like a massage and I’m certain it’s a whole lot less painful than waking up after liposuction surgery. I had eight ‘frames’ attached to my tummy that were then moved to my ‘flanks’ (more donkey than thoroughbred) with the same laser treatment repeated.

The science is a bit beyond me except to say that the lasers bypass the epidermis to directly blast the fat and there’s a heating up and cooling down process so that when you feel that the laser pads are getting too hot, suddenly a ‘rush’ of cold goes over your skin which is how it stops it burning. I came up in some red blotches immediately afterwards that were basically pockets of fat that were yet to disperse away (yeah I know, nice) , but apart from feeling tender for a day or two that was that! It takes six weeks for optimum results – hard for me to really see a massive improvement as my six week peek was at Christmas but I knew I was going in for a second treatment so I didn’t worry too much either way.

Second treatment: Back in during mid January, and somehow this treatment felt wayyyyy easier than the first. Maybe it was just feeling more prepared for the treatment and the discomfort. This time round the pain was very manageable, and I chatted away without the needing to mentally pretend I was having gas and air. I didn’t experience any welts either, and the tenderness afterwards was inconsequential. Easy peasy.

The final result: No way sister – I ain’t showing you before and after photos of my gut and flanks, it’s not Prima magazine you’re reading here! But Sherina was meticulous at taking images from all angles before both treatments plus on my return six weeks later, and showed me the before and after pictures.

Let me tell you this for nothing – the alteration in my body was really profound. I’d stuffed my face at Christmas and had fallen off my healthy eating wagon by the time I returned for my final check up in March, but nevertheless I’d been well and truly ‘sculpted’. My waist went in more, my tummy had shrunk, there was less wobble to the waist, and my skin quality (particularly cellulite) had massively improved. Clothes sat better too. I am a natural sceptic and I didn’t see it coming to be honest , but the photos were indisputable. The treatment worked and all I’d had to do is lie down for 50 minutes. Genius!

The kit

Good for: Those who have stubborn areas of fat that just won’t budge – the bulging area below C-section scars; bingo wings; jodpur thighs; thickening waists, cellulite heavy areas (read: my entire body). It’s a safe, fast alternative to lipsocuction so if you were thinking of that operation, definitely consider this instead. Also for those with money to burn who can’t be bothered to exercise it off!

Not for: Those for whom finance is a problem – you can easily laser-blast your way through thousands of pounds. Also not for the very young – Sherina is careful about who she treats, so anyone under 25 without an excellent reason will find it hard to have this treatment at S-Thetics.

£££: £250 per laser frame. The average single tummy treatment takes 4 frames, but for optimum effect two treatments are recommended.

Sculpsure at S-thetics. Marlborough House, 45 Wycombe End, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, HP9 1LZ. Tel: 01494 670990.


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