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Try this: A Victoria Partridge signature facial

I’m a fan of the facial, which is lucky as I try out gazillions of them on Muddy. Some are a bit meh and don’t make it onto the blog, other treatments are definitely worth the trip out.

Either way though, the main thing I think with facials is to be realistic. Though I’d say I have a treatment once every three weeks, I haven’t noticed myself returning to the happy days when I could wink without the side of my face collapsing. My wrinkles are now like those paper fans we all made at school, folding this way and that to create a concertina effect, and only a very large dose of botox and some dim lighting is going to sort that one out. But, but, but… I do believe in the power of a good facial because a decent cleansing, seruming, moisturising and SPF routine clearly helps. If only I could be arsed to do it myself!


This is a very long preamble to say hello, thanks and I’m coming back to see you Victoria Partridge, a facialist with an attention to detail that I find really refreshing (not to mention a slight OCD professional tendency to superclean, polish, vaccum and sterilise everything within her salon – there’s even a Hygiene tab on her website!). Her premises, The Lavender Room, is set on the outskirts of Steventon, part of a small barn complex – not the prettiest location, but frankly who cares?  Inside it’s as elegant as any high street salon.




More importantly, she offers a facial that’s different to any I’ve had before. Firstly she’s not attached to any one beauty house, so doesn’t need to push products for sales, which means that secondly, she’ll tell you what you need (often from the high street) and you can go get it direct. Thirdly, the facial included a really vigorous massage which I really really liked, the idea being that it stimulated your muscles to get into gear and stop flapping around aimlessly (yes, I am talking to you, Muddy double chin).




Here I am afterwards – sorry for the whooooooa there close up, but at least you can see I’m looking buffed, shiny, plump of skin and *cough* may I say slightly younger than my 45 years? All using natural oils, muslin cloths, and no scritchy-scratchy exfoliation.

I have, on Victoria’s advice, bought two items – Nip + Fab cleansing pads from Superdrug, and a 50+ sunscreen from La Roche-Posay (Anthelios XL), both of which I’ve been using, if not religiously, then with a reverence not usually seen in my beauty routine. I like that she looked at my skin and helped me out rather than sent me directly towards the designer beauty products. And they’ve been good buys, so it was good advice.

Victoria’s facials seem to be her signature treatment but she also does massage, waxing, bronzing, hands and feet and all that jazz. Plus she’s a qualified pilates teacher. And the working mum of a toddler. And her hair’s great (just saying). Respect on all levels, lady, respect.

The Lavender Room, 2 Deanes Close, Steventon, OX13 6SZ. Closed Weds & Sun. Opens 8.30am Fri & Sat, otherwise 9am.








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9 comments on “Try this: A Victoria Partridge signature facial”

  • Lynn June 23, 2016

    You are absolutely right – Victoria’s facials are a real experience and I’d recommend everyone to try them out. I have monthly facials and I get so many comments on how fresh and youthful my face looks – and at 61 that’s a real compliment! Not sure about the ‘industrial estate’ though as The Lavender Room is in a small barn complex with its own parking spaces!

    • muddystiletto June 23, 2016

      Thanks for emailing Lynn. Well, yes I take your point about the industrial complex, but there are various different businesses there, so maybe the better phrase would be ‘small business park’. Either way the treatment was fab! x

      • Claire Flint June 24, 2016

        I agree with Lynn, the environment is a rural barn development. I can’t see myself visiting an industrial estate for a relaxing, invigorating beauty treatment and I’m there once a week! The facial is brilliant by the way.

  • Amy June 23, 2016

    Victoria’s facials are great! Really thorough and I love the massage too. I disagree about the location – it’s rather pretty around those parts – but it’s irrelevant really as you’re treated to a full-on luxury experience as soon as you are welcomed through the door. Thanks Victoria, time to book another one

    • muddystiletto June 23, 2016

      Hi Amy, thanks for taking the time to comment. Victoria is clearly very popular! x

  • Sue Watson June 23, 2016

    I am fresh from one of Victoria’s facials this eve, I am a regular monthly facial girl ! I love the results and am constantly learning about the latest products and how to use them! Victoria’s rooms are an escape from work and the stresses of life just heavenly xxx

  • Jackie June 23, 2016

    I totally agree with you, Lynn and Hero. Victoria`s facials are something else and so is she. I`ve been going through a heavy and tricky time and her kindness and morale boosting have actually set me back on my feet as well as making me look younger. Yes, and she does have great hair – I`d better get advice on that too!

  • Mary foster June 24, 2016

    Over the years I have have been to many beauticians, but nothing compares to the treatment I receive when I step into the lavender room. Victoria is very friendly but professional. She does look amazing. She radiates a warm glow enabling her to put us mature ladies at ease.

  • Catherine Lewis June 24, 2016

    Victoria’s facials are wonderful… without a doubt the best I’ve ever experienced! The nurturing environment and her genuine care makes the treatment extra special. Above all, she truly has ‘magical’ hands.


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