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A great way to get your kids outdoors

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As a draconian, evil mother who won’t let my kids have DSes (boo! hiss!), I’m all for getting children active in the fresh air, moving something more than their thumbs.

My friend Sally put me onto The National Trust’s 50 Things to do before you’re 11 ¾ scheme, which launched last month but somehow passed me by. In case you missed it too, the projects offers kid-friendly on-line incentives like badges and secret prizes to children who manage to complete various fun outdoor ‘things’.

Some of the activities are beautifully silly, like setting up a snail race, making a mud pie or running in the rain; others are more physical, like damming a stream, building a den or flying a kite.

With National Trust research showing that fewer than one in ten children regularly play in wild places compared to only half a generation ago, that a third have never climbed a tree and one in ten can’t ride a bike, it’s a no-brainer!

5 comments on “A great way to get your kids outdoors”

  • mummyinmanolos May 10, 2012

    Wish my folks still had the farm, I used to have endless fun digging up old bottles, (vintage blue medicine ones, I’d make a fortune from them now!), making willow dens with bracken and jumping over stick cavalety jumps on our Welsh Mountain ponies in our bluebell woods…still watched too much tv though!

    • Muddy Stilettos May 10, 2012

      Yes, I’d watch Swap Shop all morning, interspersed with Tiswas. Woudn’t move until 12.30pm! But also spent hours and hours at my local tennis club, or in the park, on my bike or grazing my legs on vertical hills on dodgy rollerscates. The scope for kids to just roam is so much less, that’s half the problem. Anyway, it’s all food for thought!

  • Sara May 12, 2012

    Love it! Thanks for this tip off as missed this one too! Kids have both signed up and got their virtual explorer sites personalised and underway. This is now our challenge for the summer and if there is something that can movitate our kids outside and to finish a short country walk without complaining, then happy times! They’ve already made mud pies in the garden, and trip to Wendover Woods promised for some den making next week!

    • Muddy Stilettos May 12, 2012

      Well done Sara. If your kids make it before the rest of ours, let us know what the mystery prize is!

  • Emma June 18, 2013

    I’m very up for the challenge Hero, But remember you have to put alot of effort in at home too!! Put the bourbons in the dustbin (with out the packaging to ensure they don’t jump back out later on today!)Swap them for berries, crudites and houmous, banana milkshake (just banana and milk in blender), banana pancake, mush banana + 1 egg, beat and cook like a pancake. YUM!


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