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LASSCO – lunch and shopping. What’s not to like?

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If you fancy having brunch next to grand chandliers and an assortment of stuffed wild boar, bobcats and antelopes (I am sure you are always pondering where to find such a place) then this is your lucky day.For years I’ve been driving past the LASSCO Three Pigeons on the way to South Oxfordshire, seeing that alluring clock tower in the outside area and promising myself that next time I’ll stop and have a nosy.

Well, finally I did and it was a really fun hour. It’s the only LASSCO outside London and it’s rammed full of wonderful marble fireplaces, curios, urns, door-knobs, taxidermy, and er, pulpits.

I’m sure this place will thrill kids with its stuffed animals, aeroplanes on the ceiling and ceremonial swords on the walls.

The outside area looks like a deserted movie set

Three-paneled arched stained glass from London, 1895. Yours for, ahem, £18,000

Murano chandelier. The photo doesn’t do it justice – it was enormous


Terracotta-tastic urns (and about the only things I could afford)

The cafe kitchen is open plan, and the chefs very chatty. It’s undoubtedly a kid-friendly zone in principle at least, with egg and soldiers on the menu.

The outside area is far bigger than you might expect on driving by, and has a good range of terracotta urns and metal holders amongst a whole lot of grand masonry that looks like it’s been half-inched from Stowe Landscape Gardens. If you’re looking for interiors inspiration and a decent cappuccino to match (and who knows – maybe a child-free morning?!!) this is the place to find it.


5 comments on “LASSCO – lunch and shopping. What’s not to like?”

  • Sarah O March 14, 2011

    Yes, I’ve been. It’s really quirky and I love it! They do a good cappuccino. The rest of the menu looks yummy but haven’t yet eaten there – yet. x

  • Sarah O March 17, 2011

    Just a cappuccino this time. Thought it might be an inspiring place to write with all the quirky stuff around. In the past I bought a church pew from the London Lassco and my hubbie bought some old floorboards which came from a French church – he had someone make them into a table. x

  • ian day June 19, 2013

    The service is amazeballs. Friendly, knowledgeable about their products and predominantly focused on the individual having quality relax time in a well thought out environment. Would absolutely recommend to anyone that loves REAL coffee and REAL people. A gem in a hill of beans.

    • muddystiletto June 19, 2013

      Correctomundo in every way. Nice writing too!


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