Carine Moffett- Nubodi Pilates

Pilates has long been recognised as an effective low impact form of exercise for building strength, lean muscle tone and improving flexibility. Through use of a specialised piece of equipment called the Reformer, Carine from Nubodi Pilates offers a powerful dynamic Pilates workout tailored to the goals and ability level of the client.

Carine, STOTT PILATES certified, was initially drawn to the Reformer for its versatility and scope.  Originally developed to offer movement to ballet dancers and rehab to the injured,  today it is used to alter the intensity and challenge of the workout to strengthen the whole body and can be adapted for a cardiovascular workout.

Whilst Carine’s clients not only boast about their improved fitness and wellbeing; the real draw seems to be her depth of experience and knowledge in Pilates and her infectious passion. With a maximum of 6 students per class, she provides individual quality attention throughout the session.

Reformer is Intelligent exercise with profound results.  In just a short time clients see a longer, leaner and stronger body.

As a certified STOTT PILATES instructor with extensive expertise in Matwork, Reformer and Barre, Carine also holds a variety of qualifications including ACSM Personal Trainer.

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