DROPiT21 is a 21 day completely online programme focusing on education and motivation around eating ‘real’ food, fitness and most important of all, wellbeing.

This programme isn’t just about losing weight, although the average weight loss is 11 lbs and 11 inches, it is about making a positive change to your lifestyle, breaking addictions to coffee/sugar and following a way of eating that will make you shine and look fantastic!

The programme is designed and run by Sandra Brooks (www.sandrabrooks.co.uk) who has been in the fitness industry for over 22 years. The DROPiT21 Programme was developed in November 2013 and since then there have been thousands of participants successfully changing their lifestyle for the better.

It is NOT a fad diet, there are ZERO supplements, JUST healthy eating and exercise. DROPiT21 will give you some, if not all of the below:

More energy; Better complexion; Better mood; Better sleep; Improved brain function; Significant weight / inch loss; Improved self-esteem

Please visit the website or Facebook page to see some testimonials and find out what everyone says about the programme.


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