Hart to Heart

Two hearts are better than one

It isn’t easy being single and finding a new partner when you are in your 40’s, 50’s…and early 60’s. A lot of people try internet dating which works for some, but for the majority it’s time consuming, frustrating and disappointing.

Hart to Heart parties return to the old-fashioned and more natural way to meet people, through a trusted network of friends. The private and exclusive drinks parties are for professional sophisticated singles and always held at elegant venues.

The parties have been running for a year now and each party has been attended 70 guests.  I offer people the chance to come to an event that will always feel sophisticated and special, one that will always be held at an elegant venue.   An event which always guarantees the same number of ladies to men. It is very simple, there are no gimmicks or games – a beautiful room full of warm and friendly, eligible people enjoying a few drinks, having fun and good conversation. It’s social networking with a twist – a romantic one, hopefully!   Every guest has been personally invited – often through friends of friends. A little soft background music adds to the mix and at the last few parties, we’ve turned up the volume and guests have enjoyed a dance.

The response has been fantastic and my database has grown by 400 per cent in under a year. Each time I’ve heard of couples meeting up again and I’m sure there are lots I don’t hear about!  The nice thing is people are coming back and getting to know one another, so it’s fast becoming a room full of friends making new friends.

The next H2H party is being held on Monday 5th October. Entry is by invitation only – for more information and details of how to book, please email Lynn Hart at [email protected].





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