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Many parents waste money on tutoring services in the mistaken belief that any support is worthwhile.  Jigsaw Education offer a fresh, innovative approach to learning and study, pinpointing the real, often hidden, issues, providing practical solutions to help children who may be struggling at school.

A former senior teacher, with the experience and insider knowledge to really make a difference, will meet with you to ascertain your concerns, then talk to your child in your relaxed home environment. We create an Individual Learning Profile that not only gives you a detailed and comprehensive overview of your child’s learning strengths and weaknesses, but also offers practical help on how to solve any problems highlighted. These often include issues that you as a parent will know nothing about.

You’ll be given a thorough face-to-face debrief with clear recommendations and guidance as to the next steps to take to unlock your child’s potential.

Please call to find out more about our unique and proven way of helping children reach their full potential.


4 comments on “Jigsaw Education”

  • Mike Eldridge October 18, 2013

    ‘I was introduced to Kim via a business associate who suggested that an Individual Learning Profile™ might be of value to us. My daughter, Abi, and I met Kim at our house and he explained the process, which included some short tests and a psychometric profile for both of us. Kim was very knowledgeable about the education system, and it was quickly evident how little we knew!

    I appreciated Kim’s insights to help us understand more about it and to help us get the best out of Abi’s education. It was very interesting to see what our different profiles revealed and I’m now more aware of potential conflicts that could arise in Abi’s home learning. I would highly recommend Jigsaw Education and I’m looking forward to the next parents’ evening to discuss Abi’s projected grades.’ Mike Eldridge

  • Mrs S Browne November 5, 2013

    Kim suggested an Individual Learning Profile for my daughter, as he felt her struggles in French were part of a wider issue. The process revealed far more than we could have imagined. Madeleine has learned strategies for getting the best out her lessons and useful tips and techniques for studying at home and making effective use of her time. She has started in Year 11 with new enthusiasm and confidence. At the same time the psychometric profiling was a revelation as I realised that the language I was using with Madeleine when discussing her school work was often counter-productive.
    Suzanne Browne

  • Ann Warne February 23, 2015

    My daughter has recently been the victim of some serious bullying at her secondary school. The situation is such that we are considering changing schools and, given the timing, we decided to investigate the 13 plus. We approached Kim for some guidance. Kim showed an enormous amount of empathy for the situation, while giving some realistic and very practical advice, which we heeded. A few targeted tutoring sessions, allowed my vulnerable daughter to sit the 13 plus with renewed confidence.

    • muddystiletto February 23, 2015

      Hi Ann, thanks so much for emailing, and glad Kim has helped sort that horrific situation out for your daughter. x


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