Karen Puttick, clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP practioner

Karen helps clients to identify current issues, establish goals and create the mindset to successfully achieve their desired outcome. Hypnotherapy help clients to move beyond unwanted thought patterns and habits – helping them feel, think and behave better and to create lasting changes.

Some of the conditions hypnotherapy can help include: stress and anxiety, self-confidence, esteem issues, IBS, managing menopause, habit change, fears, phobias, sleep disorders, pain management, lifestyle change and weight management.

In addition to her general practice Karen works with children and young people (finalist in the Best Business Woman Awards 2015 for her work with children and families), workplace related issues and life-change.

Karen’s Father was a hypnotherapist and taught her self-hypnosis, which has proven a wonderful tool in situations such as exams, during childbirth, whilst undergoing surgery and in times of stress.  This led Karen to train professionally to share these skills with clients.

Registered with NCH, GHR, and CNHC, Karen abides by their strict Code of Ethics and guidelines relating to ongoing training. Training includes Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, Educational Performance and Virtual Gastric Band. She teaches meditation, mindfulness, Reiki Healing and Allergy Therapy. She is also the author of a number of therapy based books and facilitates workshops and group training.

Karen’s online training course The Imaginator Programme is due for release in February 2016.





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