Six for Supper

Six for Supper is a personalised dating consultancy for singles in Oxfordshire. They match and arrange dinner parties for six members to meet, socialise and have fun at specially selected, beautiful venues. Most people are apprehensive about joining a Dating Service, but Six for Supper will always endeavour to make you feel comfortable and welcome.  There are no algorithms to let a computer decide who you match with, instead a specialist team listen to your dating and life experiences to understand what you are looking for in your next partner.

When you register with Six for Supper you not only enter a world of other singles looking to meet people like you, but are also supported through your journey.  There will always be the chance for feedback after you go on a date, and a psychologist who has spent years studying and specialising in the science behind love, attraction and attachment is on hand to offer optional coaching sessions to listen and help you get “Date Ready” if, and when, you might need it.

Being matched into a group takes the pressure away from those awkward one-on-one dates and increases your safety by dating in a group. You are being matched not only to find a possible partner, but also to make new friendships and possibly even new business connections.  The more connections you have with other singles, the more chance you have of “getting out there”.

The dinner party setting really does help.  It’s low pressure.  Personal.  Relaxed.  Welcoming.  Safer than online dating, and six times more the fun!


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