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Strong Sculptures

Muddy says: A unique service by life coach Nicola Strong, using sculpture as a way to support clients explore image and notions of self. If you like the bust, you can buy it though theres no obligation.

Coaching through Sculpting is a brand new service by life coach and artist Nicola Strong, who has been a leadership and personal development coach since 1999 (all her coaching work is aligned to the ICF and EMCC code of ethics for coaching and mentoring so she’s the real deal).

How it works: Nicola sculpts a bust of your face over a half day session and the process allows you to explore your image, notions of yourself and how others might see you. No doubt another great benefit is that it gives time for the client to relax and reflect, making the gentle conversation and the coaching feel more natural.

You can take the clay model home and there’s no obligation to buy a permanent fibreglass, resin or bronze sculpture at the end of the process though I bet it’ll be mightily tempting!

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