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The Wonder Kitchen

Muddy says: a quirky, cake-y addition to any kind of event or party you have the exciting (or maybe arduous) task of planning.

Let the well-respected Sammie Goddard take care of the necessary cake aspect of your party, she’s been doing it since 2013 after all, so can definitely be trusted. Your choice of cupcakes will arrive in a vintage, pink van which goes by the name of Lily whose bunting-adorned side will display an array of spongey treats.

If the pink van isn’t really the style you’re going for, The Wonder Kitchen also makes homemade cupcakes to order.

5 comments on “The Wonder Kitchen”

  • Jane Jackson October 8, 2014

    Sam’s cakes are delicious – she has made some for me at short notice and themed. Lily the Pink is a regular sight at various local events and some of her wedding and celebration cakes are really inspired, as well as yummy I suspect!

  • sarah hirons October 8, 2014

    The Wonder Kitchen made the most amazing chocolate cupcakes with the Zumba logo on so I could celebrate my 1st year as an instructor.
    It always makes me smile when I pass Lily (the van) & at most events, unless you get there as it opens, Sam’s cakes sell out soooo quick. Mmmmm delicious

  • Sonia Bowmar-Scothern October 8, 2014

    This pink van is a beacon, at the farmers market, letting everyone know delicious cakes are available. I’ve eaten many of Sammies lovely cupcakes, all flavours (there are plenty to choose from) and I have enjoyed every single one. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask Sam to make cakes for my special occasion, apart from the taste and presentation the customer service that Sam provides is second to none. All round perfect. We all love The Wonder Kitchen.

  • Vickie Worrall October 8, 2014

    Sam makes stunning cup cakes for all occasions and Lily the Pink is a fantastic addition to her business. She’s a well known fixture at the local farmers market in Brackley and great for all events from parties to fetes, festivals, weddings and all things between!

  • Sarah S October 8, 2014

    amazing cupcakes…..lush flavours and gorgeously moist and tasty, served by a lovely lady….who is famous locally now!


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