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  • womens Adidas UltraBoost Trainers Burgundy ungreen grass orange leaves

    Run for it

    Calling all runners! These are the best all-terrain trainers that Muddy has ever tried. If you're schlepping through mud and ice this month, they're an absolute life-saver.

  • Yoga in the Garden

    What happens when you're too busy to go to even stretch? You call on Yoga Venue Oxford to take her class at Muddy HQ!

  • The best lidos and splashparks

    Hey hot stuff! Bit sweaty? No probs, use our pick of the best pools and river spots to cool down in. Just add sun lotion.

  • Nail your fitness

    Fallen off your fitness regime? Yeah, me too (grrrr) . Never mind, let's get back on the horse with these 6 super-smart ways to train from PT and triathlete Steve Carvey.

  • On my soapbox

    I'm on my soapbox (hang on while I do a couple of sets of tricep dips will you?). I'm sick of competitive clean eating, £600 designer running pants and the unhealthy industry that's propping up our modern concept of 'wellness'. Stretch, limber, RANT!

  • I say, it’s a hole in one for Muddy!

    Already this year is panning out in unexpected ways for me. My New Year’s Resolution has been to ‘live smart’ as opposed to my previous outlook which was pretty much full pelt in work, boozing most nights (it’s er, part of the creative writing process) and going out a lot. This lifestyle, though undeniably fun […]

  • Want buns of steel? Visit this woman

    Here is Melissa Scott, a woman with the kind of body tone that you only see on SAS army training programmes and the kind of ‘get on with it’ mentality that lazy knackers like me regard with a wide-eyed wonderment. I have been trying to get to one of her classes for months and months […]

  • Muddy tries: Boditrax at David Lloyd

    Sometimes you just need to front up to the stats. I’m talking about body composition, muscle mass, fat (inside and out), metabolic burn, dehydration levels, all the stuff that I’ve been going ‘la-la-la’ very loudly with my fingers in my ears while Mr Muddy pours me another drink and I lose my arm in the […]

  • First look: Beyonce’s promo for her new fitness line

    I’m just coming to the end of a bout of extravagant food poisoning, brought on by some naughty little French mussels. That’s my excuse not to do any exercise at the moment (oh come on, be fair!) but seeing Beyonce’s hot-of-the-press promo for her new fitness range has me feel a bit twitchy – not […]

  • Want to try a great spinning class?

    Good news ahoy if you’re looking to get fit this year and are partial to spinning. I came across Cat Booker last year during my Muddy Stilettos Awards and have been keeping my beady eye on her business since. Cat is one of those personal trainers who really made waves in London before moving out […]

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