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Hold onto your hats, school’s nearly out!

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Another holiday, another horrendous picture of moi - Paul Wilkinson, where are you when I need you most?).

Another holiday, another unflattering picture of me. #musttryharder

Yours truly is just back from two lovely weeks away on a much needed family Muddy holiday. The unexpected deluge of interest in the Muddy Awards and the blog totally blindsided me in April and May and I don’t think I ever quite recovered!

But lo, two weeks lolling half-cut by a swimming pool while someone else entertains your children in face painting marathons and water sports extravaganzas is a revitalising experience.

So here I am, happily tip-tapping away at Muddy Stilettos in my smalls (oh come on, it’s bloody sweltering!) feeling all zen and realigned.

A holiday coffee. Come on, can around here do it better?

A holiday coffee. Come on, gauntlet down – who around here can do it better?!

And yet. Already it’s dawned on me that I have played my trump holiday card too early. I now have a 7 week stretch back in the UK, juggling work, house and three hyperactive kids. Holy crap, they’re at home, like forEVER!!!

So my mind is turning, tout suite, to the Kids Summer Muddy Guides, because frankly we’re all going to need them! There will be an extended kids section each week over the next 6 weeks.

BUT of course, also plenty for those of you who don’t have to factor ankle biters into the equation. Don’t forget that I often add to the Guide through the week as I hear about new stuff, so do keep referring back to it.

I’ll be zipping about all summer, trying stuff out and blogging it so that you can make the very best of your days. In return – and *sniff* tis a small thing I ask  -is that you tell your friends, and your friends’ friends about Muddy Stilettos. Its freeness. Its sense of fun. Frankly, it’s freakin’ fabulosity!

Here we go peeps, into the hols. See you on the other side.

Hero xx




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2 comments on “Hold onto your hats, school’s nearly out!”

  • Nicky Richardson July 25, 2013

    Well said. I’m in the US at the moment and it’s the only news I’ve heard since arriving last week!

  • Hussy London Housewife July 25, 2013

    Love the account of your first birth-giving !
    Fab post.


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