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Bright Sparks Science parties for kids – kaboom!


Looking for something a bit different to do for your kids’ birthday? Gadzooks, I think I have it! My smallest Muddy is well into science. He’s particularly interested in theoretical physics and the abstractions of physical objects to explain and predict natural phenomena. Not really, he’s six. He likes fart jokes and whooppee cushions (seriously, don’t we all?).

But this is the joy of Bright Sparks. It aims to enthuse kids about how science works whilst showing them all the fun stuff. And so it came to pass that Nitro-Jen – geddit? – rocked up with her toilet roll, dustbin, football, and periodic table to Muddy HQ to entertain 10 over-excited boys.


Mostly Bright Sparks will use a school hall because it’s quite hard to hold a child’s attention when they’re at someone else’s house with all the distractions at hand like gardens, multiple rooms and bouncy sofas. My son and his friends are what is euphemistically known as ‘lively’, and as Nitro-Jen gamely tried to explain why she was conducting her early experiments their attention was wavering towards the sports equipment just outside the front door. But she knows her audience and once she started speeding up the explanations (velocity to the power of 10 = success), made her face wobble with a leaf blower and fired toilet paper across the living room, the kids really engaged.


IMG_0659 IMG_0669

The best bit was undoubtedly the making of goo. The kids were put on a plastic mat, given some ingredients to stir and then create disgusting sticky dough in a variety of colours to take home with them (no need for party bags – huzzah!).

Overall it was a really fun party – I think the kids loved it and the small Muddy was well chuffed though if I did it again I’d definitely hire a hall I think. The parties run from ages 4-11 for groups up to 20, and there are a huge number of options, from Electric Shock to Dry Ice parties, depending on your child’s age and preference.

She travels all over Oxfordshire and Berkshire, but if you’re in Bucks it’s worth getting in touch too, particularly if you’re near the border.

Costwise, it’s good value. Packages start at £165 for an hour’s entertainment and stealth learning. You’ll need a stiff drink after it’s over – I’m yet to throw a kid’s birthday party that didn’t require that kind of aesthetic intervention – but you can toast to offering something a bit different for your little darlings while you’re downing it.

Bright Sparks, Harwell Innovation Centre, Building 173, Curie Avenue, Didcot, OX11 0QG. Tel: 01865 522775. 


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