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Should I be worried?

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Iris blogginWhether you have children now or perhaps want them in the future, you probably have a broad idea of how you’d like their lives to pan out. That lovely line ‘I just want them to be happy’ is a bit of a veil. I want my children to be happy, but I’d prefer it if they were happy in great jobs LOL!

When I was little I wanted to be a novelist, a ballet dancer, a gymnast and a pro tennis player (linked entirely to the fact that I wanted to cop off with the 17 year old Boris Becker).

So it kind of alarmed and tickled me at the same time that my 6 year old  daughter announced last week that she wants to be a blogger! I think this is mostly related to the fact that I’m on the computer all the bloody time and never let my kids have a go. Anyway, whatever the reason, she’s into it and has a little blogging box she adds pages too all the time. And look, she’s even found a name. Pretty Stiletoes. I think it could catch on!

Incidentally, my oldest son, a very bright kid, wants to be  …. a rapper. Oh sweet Jesus!

What do your kids want to be when they’re older? And more interestingly, does it bear any relation to what you want for them?! Let me know by writing below. Go on, be brave.


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5 comments on “Should I be worried?”

  • Caroline December 5, 2013

    Only be worried if the jobs she suggests can’t provide her with the means to support herself. If the kind of activity she’s suggesting is pin-money and requires a husband/big strong breadwinner to make it viable, it’s not to be encouraged… independent money is the foundation of a happy life for women…

    • muddystiletto December 5, 2013

      Very true. Independence is the thing!

  • Tracy Reader December 5, 2013

    My daughter has gone from vet, to author, to chef, to dancer, to gymnast and back again – very similar to your list in fact, so perhaps she’ll be a journalist / blogger!

    All fine by me as long as she is happy. 🙂

    Of course it’s hard to be happy if you’re broke, so as long as she has enough to afford the kind of lifestyle she wants, whilst realising what’s important – which is more about friendships and experiences than material possessions.

    For my son it’s been fireman, space ranger and now Tree Fu Tom (the reality check can wait on that one)…

    • muddystiletto December 5, 2013

      Yes I think there’s that sweet spot – enough money not to worry, not too much that you give hundreds of thousands away to personal assistants!

  • Rachel December 9, 2013

    My daughter wants to be a vet too – but that is exclusively inspired by the fact we don’t (won’t) have pets (beyond a fish – and yes, I clean that out too – so yes the no pets unless I KNOW I won’t be the one looking after them stands ! ) she’s not very keen on dirt, poo, blood or gore so doubtful as an actual choice !


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