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  • Be in art five women holding paintings paint

    Be In Art

    Muddy says: Super-relaxed, mindful art classes (where you don't need to be Picasso to participate) with a side-order of life coaching. Our kinda combo.

  • department continuing education oxford university logo sign

    Oxford University Department for Continuing Education

    Muddy says: It's never too late to learn a new skill or gain a fresh interest - and where best to harvest it than at Oxford University's Department of Continuing Education, available for all?

  • Alexandra buckle forest painting big tree

    Alexandra Buckle Art

    Muddy says: Whether you're looking to brush up your own artistic skills or invest in some lovely local landscape art, Bicester printmaker Alexandra Buckle is your woman.

  • ccnapease logo canapés prawn cousin house in lettuce leaf lined up


    Muddy says: As someone who spends parties shamelessly hanging around the kitchen to get first dibs on the canapés, I've got a lot of love for these Chesham luxe nibble workshops.

  • mothers hands holding baby feet fluffy blanket

    Retreat for Mothers

    Muddy says: Frazzled mothers rejoice! Come and hide out here and let someone look after you for a change.

  • The Writers’ Greenhouse

    Muddy says: Planning on being the next Philip Pullman? These Oxford-based creative writing courses could be just the ticket.

  • TechPixies

    Muddy says: Need to brush up your digital skills to boost your career? Oxford-based TechPixies have courses for that.

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