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Muddy says: Founders of The EqUa Approach, Jo and Liz, offer one-to-one coaching sessions (in person or via Skype), online courses and live workshops in their Milton Keynes studio to help you put the balance back into your body, mind and life.

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Looking for a little bit of balance in your life? OMG, aren’t we all? EqUa Coaching has you covered, offering a unique approach to transformative life and performance coaching through The EqUa Approach.

Developed by transformative life coach and performance specialist Jo Hodges and media performance and life coach Liz Bell (pictured above), The Equa Approach is a way to help you balance mind, body and life – the ‘equa’ concept comes from working to find the perfect equilibrium, equality and equanimity. That’s like the Holy Grail of the 21st century, right there!

Jo and Liz hold one-to-one coaching sessions (in person, or via Skype), as well as hosting live workshops in their Milton Keynes-based studio, along with two short courses that I’m particularly interested in – ‘ 5 Ways to Kickstart Change’ and ‘Change Your Mind About Stress’. Sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration and support to make a big difference to how you approach life, don’t you? EqUa’s friendly but practical approach could be your first step.

In the very near future, EqUa will also be offering two online coaching courses – one for finding balance and a second aimed at actors, performers and presenters (good for those also who get anxious about having to stand up in their company and make big speeches too). Both these courses will include helpful online tools, downloads and shorter modules using a mixture of Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques.

EqUa also host an irreverent and occasionally humorous monthly podcast, “Find Your Balance” – which you can check out here.

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