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Private Driver Club

Fancy a private driver for the day? Er, obviously! Tried, tested and Muddy-approved, Private Driver Club supplies vetted drivers across the Home Counties to take the wheel of your car to chauffeur you to and from events, airports and whatever else takes your fancy.

I know that private drivers can sound like a crazy indulgence, but actually if you work out the maths and the logistics, they can be a godsend.

My mum’s used private drivers for years (and guess what, she doesn’t live at Downton Abbey!) to go to events like Wimbledon or holiday  because they’re actually a lot less hassle and better value than cabs on long journeys. So then I started using her guy too. Unfortunately he retired at the beginning of this year which left me searching for an alternative.

And to cut a long story short, I solved it this summer. Private Driver Club started in the Cotswolds but have extended out across Oxon, Glos, Wilts, Northants, Herts and Beds, sending a fully vetted driver to your house to pick up the car keys and drive you wherever you fancy from £20 per hour.

I knew I was going to get totally tiddled at The Boodles at Stoke Park in July (spoiler alert: reader, it happened) and that it would be a right royal faff and expense for me and all my friends to get to our various disparate homes in a single cab. So my lovely private driver Bruce (a golf pro as it happens, who does a spot of driving in his off season) arrived in his suit, bang on time I might say (because how many times have you sworn into your phone while you’re waiting for your cabbies to actually, like, show?), handed us water, opened the doors for us, and drove us down to the Stoke Park pavilion.

Eight hours later, a bit worse for wear, we called him to collect us. Five minutes later, he was there, doors to the car open, and we staggered into the back seat and off we went back home. Easy peasy.

With Christmas parties coming up I’m definitely going to be using these guys, and they’re happy to do one-offs as well as more longer term/regular gigs – it costs from £20 per hour. Worth knowing that if you take out Private Driver Club membership at £250 a year, you get priority booking and 25% discount on the standard hourly rate. Book me in Jeeves, I feel this could be habit-forming.


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