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Behind the scenes of a Posh shoot for Vogue

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I watched this earlier today and was umming about putting it on the blog. In many ways it’s just a sychophanting PR exercise for Victoria Beckham who has clearly worked out the exact angle of her head for the entire interview AND WILL NOT MOVE IT!, and is coming out with all kinds of rubbish about empowering women with her clothes, whilst plugging her new London store

On the other hand, I did find it quite interesting to see to what nth of a degree the shoot process is now managed, and how utterly impossible an ideal it is to see these women in magazines, made beautiful by literally dozens of creative people – and that’s even before the art director starts photoshopping. (I have a couple of great gossipy stories of celebs we photoshopped on glossy mags back in the day but you’ll have to get me drunk first!). In many ways, knowing that these images are so heavily manufactured and directed is the real female empowerment.

What do you think?




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4 comments on “Behind the scenes of a Posh shoot for Vogue”

  • Katy July 9, 2014

    I think I’m with you Hero! Interesting bit of film but for me VB doesn’t come across as authentic. But I really like the images in print.

  • Sarah W-H July 10, 2014

    Loved it! Having just shot a video for my own brand Ruxx, it was interesting to see how many talented people there were on Vogue’s set and I just had two camerawomen, no make up or stylists etc.. VB has a charmed life but life is what you make of it so good luck to her. Not so sure about the trendy line of “empowering women…” unless you are a wealthy stick insect.

  • Nicky Richardson July 10, 2014

    I actually quite like David and Victoria Beckham as achievers but this video is a waste of the viewer’s time – just a plug for her shop.

  • cara July 10, 2014

    I just can’t watch it. I think I have had too much of her. She seems to be a small determined woman and that’s fine. But I don’t think she has anything to offer… originality, style, intellect, ideas, humour, integrity, imagination… She has no creative force. I am trying to think of her in comparison to Vivienne Westwood and my brain is seizing up.


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