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J-Lo’s clothes ‘closet’ – prepare to weep!

jeans from behind
I took my only serviceable pair of jeans off the other night to get into my jarmies – as you do – only to realise there was a huge rip in the the middle of the bum section. I’d rejected my warm knee-length rugby-sideline coat for a short woollen wrap that day, so I’d happily been showing off my sad knickers in grocery store, newsagents, school playground, meetings with clients and anyone else unfortunate enough to be looking at my rear. Who knows how long that hole has been a source of amusement for those walking behind the Muddy posterior… *sigh*

But there, you go, my life is built around these kind of embarrassments. Like the time I did the limbo on holiday in Saint Lucia in a short dress, and forgot I had totally sheer undies on underneath (nope, not joking!). Or when I was half way through pulling up my stability pants – you know how they start under your bra strap but end up in a big roll on your waist? – when I was introduced to a celebrity at a magazine function and basically snapped them into place just as said celebrity was moving to shake my hand.

I’m blathering now, but the reason I started writing this post was because I was reminded of my holey jeans by this video from People mag. Basically J-Lo shows them around her fashion closet (and when I say closet, I mean ‘wing of house’) and I was confronted by a frankly jaw-dropping collection of jeans shoes dresses and everything in between. I bet she doesn’t have a rip in her denim derriere.

See for yourself here and weep my friends, weep.

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3 comments on “J-Lo’s clothes ‘closet’ – prepare to weep!”

  • janet January 26, 2015

    Am I getting old and grumpy or is there something slightly obscene about one woman having soooo much. I am all for people working hard and spending their money on things that make them happy and I am sure that she gives lots of money and time to charity but ….

    • muddystiletto January 26, 2015

      I know, it really is incredible how many clothes she has. Yes totally obscene and not in touch with reality. That’s Hollywood for you!

  • Rachel Barling January 26, 2015

    Too funny Hero… can I assume you weren’t wearing a thong? Now that would have been hilarious!!! That J-Lo, what a hoarder!! Kind of liked her though 🙂


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