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On my soapbox

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Well, I’ve had my Saturday lie in, so second on the list is to clamber onto a soapbox. I don’t often get cross or political, but I’ve been slowly getting more and more frustrated at the scores of famous women habitually taking their kit off and passing it off as empowerment.

I think I’d be a good contender for being the least prudish person in Britain, and Lord knows I’ve spent more years in hot pants and fluffy bras and flirting with inappropriate men than I care to remember, but one thing I’ve learnt as I’ve got older is that usually an excess exhibitionism comes hand in hand with a personal justification of one way or another. Personal issues: am I too old? don’t you find me sexy? why am I overlooked? why aren’t I important to you?

Much has been made of Madonna’s latest photo shoot. I have to hold my hands up and say that for the first few seconds on seeing the pics I found myself in awe of her knockers – they’re phenomenal, aren’t they? Like those plastic breasts you buy from fancy dress shops. But very quickly my mind turned to why the hell she felt the need to show the world her body in that way, inviting us to objectify her all over again when she’s already made the point, and a lot better in the Eighties, when there really was something to prove and a sexual cause to fight. If it was to show that women in their fifties can be incredibly sexy,  she should knock off the fillers and industry strength botox and embrace her age properly, without a sexuality that’s soft focus and filtered.

Time to invest in a belt?

Time to invest in a belt?

Anyway, I was no sooner getting over the Madonna with the boobies, when Rihanna’s photoshoot for Esquire popped up. My 5 and 7 year olds love Rihanna, and no surprises in the circumstances that my 12 year old son is *cough* showing quite the interest too. Rihanna is beautiful and sexy. She’s filthy rich and respected in the music industry. She’s also forgotten to put her knickers on and is very very damp and sweaty. Again. I get it, she wants to look hot, she has records to sell, but bloody Nora, isn’t there a middle ground?


No, apparently not, because here is Kourtney Kardashian,  9 months preggers. But no elegant Demi Moore shot here. Oh no my friends, we have moved on! Kourtney likes to cop a sneaky feel of her nethers – because she’s still sexy and up for it at all times, even when she’s about to go into labour!!! – while her orbing knockers threaten to escape the skimpy silk nightgown and start their own discussion group about the cult of Z-list celebrity.

I should hold my hands up at this point. Once upon a time I was delighted to be objectified in my itty bitty bikini on a Sydney beach by a photographer who put me in the local paper. I felt proud at the time. But I was 21, and vain and stupid. Now I’m in my forties and a lot more wobbly but I’m smart and a lot happier. I don’t care whether the world finds me attractive or repulsive because I like myself the way I am, and respect is more important than desire.

So for all those many many A-list celebrities who are avid daily readers of Muddy Stilettos – *sigh* yes you Madge, Miley, Riri – I am imploring you, grab the sheet and cover up a bit.  As women we’re already the superior species. We hold all the cards. We have the babies. We rule the house. We make the financial decisions. Don’t hand the media men your sexuality on a plate. They won’t respect you in the morning.

Do you agree or think I’m talking a load of rubbish? Either way, I love to hear what you think. Go on, vent some spleen.




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8 comments on “On my soapbox”

  • Alison December 6, 2014

    Well said! I totally agree. I follow another blog (not sure if I’m allowed to mention the name ;)) and it’s about fashion. I too have become increasingly ranty about the near nudity often posing as “gowns” with oh so much flesh on display. We get you’re hot famous women, we really do – but enough already! We don’t need to have it shoved down our throats, and in the case of Madonna and others it looks very desperate and unsexy on many levels.

  • Geraldine Reynolds December 6, 2014

    I couldn’t agree with you more, I fed up with these celebrities too . Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  • Jo December 6, 2014

    Dear Hero, I have to disagree. If only these empowered feminist celebrities had been around to teach the suffragettes a thing or two. After all, nothing illustrates a woman’s strength and independence like a pair of skimpily covered breasts.

    Maybe when they are considering their great contribution to women’s place in society they can think about the growing trend of otherwise intelligent young women who feel they should send explicit photos of themselves via text.

    Thanks for your great blog! Jo

  • Irene December 6, 2014

    So very well said, why oh why do these women feel so insecure that they have to flaunt their bodies to get attention. I pity them….. and as for Madonnas boobs photoshop job if ever I saw one. Put it away girlies

  • Elizabeth Field December 6, 2014

    I so agree. If they must go nude, they should be honest about it. Everyone can cheat with fillers, implants and airbrushing. Are they scared to be real women?
    As for KK, what is that all about!

    P.S. I like your rants.

  • Gerry December 6, 2014

    Move over, I have to climb up on that soapbox as well! Whether it’s z list celebrities (many of whom have only achieved celebrity by exposing themselves and I don’t just mean physically) or pop stars of any age, they have a responsibility for the message they are sending out, particularly to young girls and fragile menopausal women. It’s bad enough that you can become famous for no better reason than you have enormous breasts, often surgically enhanced, and are happy to display them with monotonous regularity. Or you have appeared on some reality TV show and revealed yourself to be as shallow as a puddle, with no talent and little intelligence but for some inexplicable reason you become famous and live the kind of life many people can only dream of. It’s not exactly encouraging people to make the best of themselves and their abilities and work at trying to achieve a happy and fullfilled life, after all if that nonentity can have it all for no good reason why can’t I? So if you do have talent and you have become a megastar, put your boobs away and start promoting the right values to your fans. Oh and don’t even get me started on Miley Cyrus…

  • Nicky December 7, 2014

    It makes me angry too, particularly as I have to help my little girl navigate these waters. I am writing this with Strictly on in the background. I want the likes of Darcy Bussell and Claudia Winkleman to inspire my daughter, not an undressed singer. Here it is appropriate to admire the bodies of the dancers, male and female, whereas a pop video can now often be a soft porn film for no apparent reason. Difficult waters to navigate indeed so i hope that with self esteem and a questioning mind, the next generation of girls can find their way. As for Madge and co, I’m sure that the photographers, stylists etc can make the saggiest breast look magnificent!

    • muddystiletto December 7, 2014

      Darcy Bussell looked stunning last night didn’t she? High-necked dress too! x


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