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Muddy Awards

  • Speeches at the ready…

    The Muddy Stilettos Awards 2017 romped to a close on Friday with thousands upon thousands of you supporting the local businesses you love the most. If you’re a regular reader (or voter!) you’ll know that The Muddy Awards are free to all and run as a good-natured, positive celebration of the most brilliant, unique and unmissable […]

  • The Muddy Award Finalists 2017!

    How was half term? I spent the week half-watching my children whack each other with blunt implements while I counted out a whopping 10,000 votes (yes, people 10,000!!) in the first round of the Muddy Awards.  And now the results are in, with 135 brilliant businesses in 27 categories going through to fight it out for the […]

  • Another champers? The Awards drinkies!

    And so it came to pass that your faithful correspondent got absolutely splattered at the Muddy Awards drinks, watched by a stuffed hare with a gun and and 30 of the best businesses in Oxon & Bucks. As you do. Getting ready on the day, my, er, incredible natural beauty meant that I needed hardly […]

  • The Muddy Awards 2016 winners!

    The Muddy Awards 16 are over and what a romp that was! Thank you so very much to all the many thousands of you who supported the brilliant indie businesses in the area, and thank you also to the Finalists, all of whom would have made worthy winners. It’s been really interesting this year to […]

  • The Finals are LIVE!

    After gazillions of nominations, tens of thousands of votes, and not much sleep in the Muddy house over the last four weeks (come on, feel my pain, I’m a 9 hour a night girl), we have your Muddy Stilettos Awards 2016 finalists. One hundred and fifty of the best businesses in Bucks/Oxon, vying to win […]

  • Muddy Stilettos breaks the internet!

      And so it came to pass that Muddy broke the internet. Move over, Kim Kardashian with your oiled bottom and posh bin bag, my soiled stilettos and a couple of thousand Muddy voters beat you good and proper! Yes indeed, the Muddy Stilettos Finals 2016 went live yesterday afternoon. 150 brilliant businesses in 30 […]

  • The Awards are go-go-go!

    Well that was an experience. Bringing out my own Awards is hard enough but launching 10 at the same time has left me crawling for the bottle. (Ah, that’s better, I’ve just found it, excuse me while I float in some ethanol for a while). Right… to business! OK mes amis, The Muddy Stilettos Awards […]

  • The Muddy Awards 2016 are coming!

    Holy crap, they’re back! I’m super-excited to tell you that the Muddy Stilettos Awards return on Weds 4 May for the fourth year. I can’t quite believe I am writing ‘fourth year’ about Muddy, I still feel like a springy newborn lamb, gambolling around all the cool places in Oxon and Bucks! But you know […]

  • Farewell Awards 2014!

    Well that was fun! The Muddy Awards 2014 are over for another year. Drinkies were had with the winners yesterday at my place – a surprise move but unfortunately entirely necessary because of the monsoon outside *sigh*.  Cue panicked sweeping up of Weetabix and shoving the contents of the house into my children’s rooms. Food […]

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