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Pluses and minuses

Needle beatrix fotor

Plus: I have a brand new swanky iphone 6.

Minus: My kids are desperate to get their filthy little hands all over it.

Minus 2: Iris nicked it this morning. As I came back in the house from the garden she took some very unflattering pictures of the Muddy frontage (grrrr).

Plus 2: It happens to show off my brand new spanky danky purchase from Needle, the very lovely Beatrix jumper, though *tut* you can’t quite see the foxy little stripes of silver zipping up to the collar bone that convinced me that, yes, yes actually, I need this light woollen spring/summer knit of joy. You can see the foxy little side panels of pink here though.

I love the flash of pink on the side panel

Minus: It costs £165. Look, whoever told you the best things in life are free is talking rubbish. Yes you Janet Jackson, back to therapy you go.

Plus: It’s massively good value for the quality. These guys are about to fly -they’re stocked in SODDING ANTHROPOLOGIE!!!

Minus: There ain’t no minus when you’re buying gorgeous clothes, lady.


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