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MUDDY MEETS: Nik Kershaw!!!!

Nik Kershaw-VS-ID1-2013-07-10@20-16-51

Ah, Nik Kershaw! The Eighties pocket poppet, attired in his cosy snood and fingerless gloves, was one of my favourite popstars back in the day. Well, fourth behind Duran Duran, Culture Club and Spanau Ballet but still, that’s pretty good. He’s singing about riddles and the sun going down on Henley at the Rewind Festival this weekend, so I thought, wouldn’t it be good to chat to him?

Do you totally heart Rewind? I didn’t do the first one, but I’m on my fourth or fifth now. I’m grateful to be wheeled out – none of us have a right to an income or an audience in this business after so long!

Who’s your best Eighties pal?


Kim Wilde is a good mate, she’s quite local in Hertford. Go West – or as I call them the Westy Boys – are good mates, but honestly there are loads of them I really like. Midge, Mark from ‘42, Nick Hayward… you can’t help but get on with them, we’re all in the same boat and went through the same time.

Kim Wilde and Nik 'no snood' Kershaw

Kim and Nik on tour. Where are his kids? In America. Boom boom!

Do those lyrics from The Riddle actually mean anything? They mean I can still put my kids through university! The Riddle was the last thing I wrote on the album – I had been given 2 weeks to write the entire album. The tune came easily but I take ages to write lyrics so I wrote any words I could that rhymed and by the times I’d sung it a few times, they just stuck, so we just went, ‘well, there it is’. And to justify to the nonsense lyrics to the public I called it The Riddle. But then it backfired on me because the newspapers started to try and solve it, and I was like ‘Nooo, don’t do that!’

How long have you been married?

My first marriage lasted 18 years and we had three kids, now 27, 25 and 22. This time I’ve been married six years – we have a 5 year old son and also I have a 12 year old stepdaughter. I see a lot of my kids, my oldest ones all still live quite close.

Your must-see TV? If I can get near the TV I like documentaries. But the wife is completely obsessed with costume dramas, so I behave myself and watch a lot of those.

Where’s your favourite place to eat? I live in a small village about ten minutes from Stanstead airport and don’t stray too far!  I don’t spend much time in London. Jamie Oliver’s dad owns The Cricketers and that’s always really good, and not stupid prices. We were bought the set menu lunch at the Ritz for a Christmas present and we thought, oh lovely, and bought two glasses of champagne to go with it. It was £32 per glass!

Who’s your favourite artist now?


I like Ed Sheeran and James Bay, and looking a bit further back I like Elbow and Coldplay. Every now and then I go back to Bowie – he was my inspiration for getting into music. It was after seeing a docoumentary of him in the 70s I thought, ‘I want to do that’.

Go on, ask me a question

Um, what’s your signature dish? Sorry, that’s a really misogynistic question! Ignore that. Um, do you take part in sport at all’?

No. You?

Comedy golf. I still maintain that life’s too short to go down the gym.










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