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Real 2018 Resolutions

Did your New Year Resolutions die in February? I've waited until Spring to start my Real Resolutions - wanna join me?

There’s something wonderfully romantic about New Year’s Resolutions. I think it’s the sheer wild hope of them that appeals to me, the determination to succeed in spite of years of never losing weight, carving out me-time, playing board games with kids or moving my French on past voulez vous couchez avec moi (though I have to say, that phrase stood me in good stead through my freedom years).

But we all know it’s also a kind of insanity to do this every year.

So this time round I didn’t make January resolutions. I saved them up, minus the ridiculous self-promises, ready to let them loose now in the optimism of spring. A more sensible, inspiring, doable set of will-dos. Real resolutions, ones to keep. And it turns out I’m not the only one! So if you’ve fallen off the wagon, read on for some March inspo from these brilliant local businesses, and grab those reins again.


My Real Resolutions

Hero, Ed-in-Chief, Muddy Stilettos 

My Spring resolutions are all about being kind to myself (well someone has to do it). I really want to look after my wellbeing this year, because I have a tendency to run myself down. So my focus is all about healthy moderation – to cook more at home but not to beat myself up on Friday night when I take the kids out for pizza. To drink less, but not guilt-trip myself about a couple of glasses of red on a Friday night. I’m definitely planning to up my exercise but including yoga and stretching in the mix to calm down as well as tone up. Know what? I’m not planning on seeing any sharp successes in the next few weeks, but I’m feeling gentle inclines of wellbeing that I plan to keep working on all year.



Celine, Tonic Massage 

I’m not usually one for any resolutions, but this month I’ve started zoning into the power of ‘now’ – something I talk to my clients a lot. I was inspired by a holiday over Christmas with my children (and new grandson) who all lives overseas and it made me think about moving closer to my own deepest wishes and needs – not to waste time leaving my plans for yet another year. So my priority is to undertake two big trips; one work-related which takes me to Sedona, Arizona and the other is a journey to Kerala, India. I hope to explore some (possible) family roots which excites me no end. This has been on my wish list for many years. I am grinning from ear to ear and plan reinvest the skills and experience I complete whilst out there back into the training school; good for me and good for students.



Sophie, Sophie’s Cookery School 


The best New Year’s resolution I ever made, and the only one I’ve kept successfully, is never to make another New Year’s resolution.! Grey January is too miserable a month to make changes. Far better to wait until spring when everything seems more possible and hopeful. Spotting a cowslip in the field and sniffing the first waft of wild garlic in the woods is, for me, a far more positive spring board for new ideas.




Renee, Curiosity Box 


I’ve decided I really needed to make myself more ‘available’ at home. The first little change (that feels very big!) is to ban mobile phones upstairs. No more last minute email check before bed! The other thing I have resolved to do is unsubscribe from all the emails I get that I really don’t want! This has felt SO GOOD!

There is a tangible time saving benefit from all the emails I no longer need to delete from my inbox, but the biggest thing has been the psychological impact of not having that split second panic every time I look at my inbox and see hundreds of new emails.



Poonam, Holy Cow Home 

It’s the third anniversary of Holy Cow Home this month, my interiors shop in Aylesbury, and it’s made me reflect on the last few years of my life. I’ve realised it’s time to stop doing absolutely everything myself, be less of a control freak and learn to take help, get the work balance scales a little closer (but not entirely balanced – there has to be room for fluctuations to keep things interesting!). This is the year for action not procrastination, all those ideas that I was thinking about doing, are going to be done – a growth plan, a full-time staff member so I can spend time working on the business rather than ‘in’ it, SEO, an accountant! While we keep on living we keep on learning, I’m excited about that.



Sandra Brooks, DROPiT21 

My Spring resolution is to get to bed earlier. Often people say that they are either a night owl or up with the larks, but like so many things in life I end up trying to be all things to all people and end up doing both! Not great when I am up most mornings by 6am. Being in the health and fitness industry I am always telling people how important quality sleep is to their general wellbeing, so it’s time to start practising what I preach …. so 2018 is the year that I WILL stop burning the midnight oil and get to bed earlier. It’s here now in print, so I HAVE to do it!

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