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Muddy deal: 12 Xmas fine wines for your delectation



I’ve written before about indie wine merchants Watlington Fine Wines (confusingly still called Peter Osborne wines on the website!) whom I’ve used for the last few years for wine for dinner parties and other special occasions.

Many of us still have the perception that indie wine shops are expensive but the reality is that the ones still in business are super competitive in price, quality and curation – with the proliferation of supermarket wines they have to be. I regularly hop to Waitrose or Sainbury’s for a mid-week bottle, basing my choice mostly on how pretty the label is or how many shiny awards stickers it has on the front (don’t we all?!). But for Christmas, parties and significant events, I go to Martin at Watlington Fine Wines because the wine, knowledge and service are just so much better.

This year I’m hosting Christmas with the extended family coming to me,  and I’ve already sorted my booze by getting   Martin to pull me together a mixed case of 12 wines based on how my Christmas Day plays out. This is what he’s sorted me:

2 bottles of Gardet Brut Reserve champers for late morning quaffing; 2 bottles of easy-drinking Bordeaux to see us through to lunch; 2 botles of unoaked Chardonnay for my first course smoked salmon. 2 really good bottles of Bordeaux – just because!; and 2 bottles of top range Pinot Noir for the roast turkey. Oh and a half bottle of dessert wine and a bottle of ruby port for the stilton. No word on whether he’s chucking in 24 iboprofen for Boxing Day, but I may have to source those myself.

So I’m all sorted (ner, nernee, ner ner!), but I figured you might want to be sorted too, so I’ve managed to negotiate a special deal with Martin on the wines – those 12 wines including the two fab champagnes costs £180 including delivery to your door. Nothing in it for me btw, except the warm, fuzzy glow of helping out Muddy readers.

If you don’t need 12 bottles, no problem –  send the ones you don’t drink over to me and I’ll finish them off! Alternatively you can go for a 6 bottle version including one bottle of the champers) for £85.

Here’s the full wine list so you can see what you’re getting:


The 12 Bottle Christmas Celebration case at £180:

2 bottle N.V. Champagne Gardet Brut Reserve Champagne

2 bottles 2015 Chateau de Parenchere Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc

2 bottles 2014 Vistana Unoaked Chardonnay

2 bottles 2013 Chateau Charron Cotes de Blaye, Bordeaux

2 bottles 2013 Rossendale Marlborough Pinot Noir

1 half bottle 2012 Muscat Beaumes de Venise

1 bottle N.V. Shooters Fine Old Ruby Port

The 6 bottle Christmas Case at £85:

1 bottle Champagne Gardet Brut Reserve N.V.

1 bottle 2016 Vistana Sauvignon Blanc

1 bottle 2014 Vistana Unoaked Chardonnay

1 bottle 2013 Rossendale Marlborough Pinot Noir

1 bottle 2013 Chateau Charron Cotes de Blaye Bordeaux

1 bottle N.V. Shooters Fine Old Ruby Port

If you want to order a case of 6 or 12, just call Martin at Watlington Fine Wines on 01491 612311 and he’ll totally look after you, freeing you up to think about the important stuff, like how fast you plan to drink it.

Watlington Fine Wines, Ingham Ln, Watlington OX49 5EB. Tel: 01491 612311. Watlington Fine Wines

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