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Piddled at Boodles *sigh*


Oh dear. The Muddy girls got completely splattered at The Boodles earlier this week. But not before we saw some fantastic tennis, and tried on some serious jewellery.

How much do you think the bling I’m wearing here is worth? Go on, have a guess and then I’ll tell you. Got a figure in your head??

Very. Very. Sloshed.

Very. Very. Sloshed.

The answer is…. £800,000!!! This kind of serious Liz Taylor-style jewellery is heavy. It really weighs on your fingers (yeah, a real trauma). I did check with the security guard how fast he could run becuase it was tempting to make a dash for it, but I think they had the exits well covered *sigh*.


There were women at this event who were seriously purchasing but I’m afraid we were already half-cut at this point and we just demanding to try on the most expensive diamond in the house. And so here it is! I can’t remember the exact price but it was definitely in the £250k zone.


So far so daft, but the one thing worth telling you about is the vibe of The Boodles. I’ve been to sooooo many Wimbledons and they’re fun, but they are a bit hierarchical and really expensive on the day. The Boodles is small, intimate (I mean, you’re literally 20 ft away from the tennis players) …


… and it has a really relaxed unpretentious vibe, despite the posh cars and champagne on tap.

posh surroundings boodles fotorI’m not quite sure how it manages it really – probably the staff who manage deference and friendliness in equal measure.

We had the hospitality treatment – check out this fab food from Stoke Park chef Chris (below right)- but I’m such a lush that, ever mind the fine dining, I should have had a large banana and pint of milk to line the Muddy stomach because the next day I was horrifically hungover.

boodles food fotor

There are two days left for The Boodles and there are still a few tickets available so if you’re able to, give it a go. It’s a lot easier to get to Beaconsfield and hop in a taxi to Stoke Poges than it is to traipse to Wimbledon and stand in a queue for three hours having your belongings ransacked by nervous security guards.

So that’s me sorted next year. Boodles all the way, plus trainers in the bag and followed by a very quick dash with a bag full of jewellery to the airport.



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1 comment on “Piddled at Boodles *sigh*”

  • Teresa Scott June 28, 2015

    Went Tuesday and it was fab, 12 of us.. 3 years running from David Lloyd Tennis club! We had lunch at friend’s with our own fizz and hit stoke park in our own amazing jewels and cars!


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