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stearing wheel
No, I haven’t permed my hair or started wearing stonewashed denims above my waist. However, I’m channelling a little of Jeremy Clarkson at the mo as I’ve become slightly obsessed with cars (and leather jackets, but that’s a different post).

I’m not sure why this desire to race around in a piece of glorified metal has taken hold but I know I’m not alone. The Guardian reported a few weeks back that bonkers Brits, despite the prospect of a triple dip recession, are still buying new cars at a time when the rest of Europe is putting sticking plasters over their cracked windscreens and knitting new tyres.

A Kharmann Ghia. *sigh*

A Kharmann Ghia. *sigh*

I spent my teens and twenties not caring what I was driving, just grateful that it moved at more than 20 miles an hour. I suppose I’ve become more snooty as the years have gone by. It’s true, I was very impressed with Mr Muddy’s pristine Sixties grey and oyster Kharmann Ghia when we first started going out together in the Nineties. And I felt beyond depressed when we sold our sports car for an estate – a bloody estate! – when we stumbled from one to two children.

When we made it to three kids we bought a beast, a bossy seven seater jobby that hulks over the road like a low cloud. I now drive my glorified minibus from swimming club to playground and amuse myself by playing ‘Car Snap’ when I pick my son up from school. In November, I attempted to get into three cars that weren’t mine because the lumbering giants all looked identical!

No chance of offloading the beast  until we offload some children, but the estate is making wheezing noises and could be put to rest in favour of something nippy and eco-friendly and slick – loving the new a class Merc if you’re reading this Mr Muddy.

Good looks aside though, I haven’t a clue when it comes to cars. If anyone has any great insider info on the best new small cars on the market, let me know. If I start saving now, me and my blue rinse will be ready for action in 2025.


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