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People You Should Know #4 -The Beautician

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Meet Helen, Muddy Stiletto’s favourite beautician. This is what a walking advert looks like. She’s in her FORTIES!!!

I’ve had plenty of facials over the years, but I’ve never really seen the point of them. I rarely look or feel much different afterwards. Just shinier and blotchier. And poorer!

But I am a total, absolute, allelujah convert to the facials that Helen (above) gives in her beauty room at her Postcombe home (near J6 M40, on Oxon/Bucks border). I’m not kidding you, I looked about five years younger after her facial – massively less lines around my eyes and forehead. I couldn’t quite believe it but it was me.

So I’m here to share the good news. Here are 5 brilliant reasons to go and visit Helen for a treatment:

1. She never stops. I hate facials where the beautician faffs around with little pots of serum out of eyeshot, then plops a pair of cucumber slices on your eyes and goes off to have a cup of tea and crumpet for 15 minutes. Helen constantly massages, rubs, even plucks your eyebrows all as part of the fee.

2. Great service. Don’t like the music? No problem, what would you like to listen to? Not sure about the steamer treatment? (that’s a real blower – you’ll either love it or hate it) – she’ll tailor the facial to what you like. It’s a much more personal approach than the facial-by-numbers that big salons tend to use.

3. She has muscles in her fingertips. No, not really, but – here’s another gripe about average beauticians (sorry!) – I can’t stand it when you ask for a firm massage and instead the masseuse tickles you from top to toe. During a facial Helen obviously won’t be pummelling away but on a massage, she’ll exert the pressure you want. I happened to have a hot stone massage on the same day as my facial (*sigh* it was amazing) and the pressure was just perfect for my super-tight, computer-seized shoulders.

4. She’s Chinese and is a dab hand at acupressure, using it in her facial treatments as well as as basic principle in her back massages. I love all that sort of stuff. I had acupuncture a few years ago and I nearly exploded with newfound energy so I’m a big believer in it.

5. The price. When a 1.5 hour facial is really brilliant but only costs you £45, you know you’re onto a winner. A one hour facial is £35, and a one hour Chinese massage with hot stones is £40. That, my friends, is a total wacker dacker bargain.

So Helen, I crown you Muddy Stiletto’s official de-wrinkler.  It’s a job and a half but I think you’re up to it.

Helen, May Lee Beauty. Tel: 07711 889896. [email protected].

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24 comments on “People You Should Know #4 -The Beautician”

  • glamorous glutton June 12, 2012

    Helen looks amazing, I definitely needed to get to know her. Thank you. GG

    • Muddy Stilettos June 12, 2012

      Definitely book her. She’s so lovely and brilliant at massage and facials (haven’t tried anything else so can’t specifically recommend). Let me know if you try her out x

  • Rachel. B June 27, 2012

    I’ve booked a mega session and I can’t wait !! Thanks Hero… I hooted at your post, I was sold at the ‘muscles in her fingertips’ part 🙂 xx

  • Niki July 2, 2012

    Just came back from an amazing 90 minute session with Helen… 45 mins of hot stone heaven and 45 of a facial that has left my skin glowing and feeling as soft as my 4 year olds (nearly!)
    Thanks for the recommendation… I’ve already booked my next session!!!!

    • Muddy Stilettos July 2, 2012

      She’s amazing isn’t she? I look like an old handbag at the mo, I should book another session as well! Hx

  • Claire Croft July 3, 2012

    Hero this is your best recommendation yet.
    That woman is a miracle worker. Like Niki I had the 45min hot stone massage and 45min facial the first time i went. I looked and felt 10 years younger after it.
    I must confess i’m not very good at going to the beauticians normally (can’t cope with the pan pipe music they always play) but Helen’s different she actually makes a real difference! I’ve signed up to a course of treatment. Cx

  • Cat July 3, 2012

    Hi! I couldn’t resist joining in on these comments about lovely Helen. I have been using Helen for the last 18 months and she’s amazing! First time, I went for a facial and a hot stone massage, and it completely knocked me out for the whole weekend… I can’t reccommend her enough!! cathrine x

  • T July 4, 2012

    I too have been having facials and massage ever since Helen started, having had lots of other massages etc I know there’s no comparison; and the facials really plump up the skin and also clear it . She has sorted my shoulder and now I have started to see her weekly to try and ease the dreadful sciatica I have developed, and despite seeing another physio and osteo,(several GPs also) after two hot stone/massages she has already eased my pain more significantly than the other treatments (though In desperation I am continuing with all I can have). I have huge faith in her knowledge of pressure points and related exercises and movements to help, she has a superb level of knowledge about how the anatomy seems to work! I feel I can never thank her enough

  • Megan Spencer-Rigby July 11, 2012

    Okay ladies, I needed to add my comments.
    As Cat says (she is my Norwegian best friend!) we have been using Helen for nearly two years now. Someone kindly gave me a voucher for my birthday and I was hooked immediately.
    So, I don’t need to repeat everything everyone has said about the hot stone and facial – as clearly you can see an army of fans. My job then is to let you know that Helen can also work her magic with other treatments. I indulge in a luxury pedicure every six weeks and get Helen to use gel instead of normal polish as it lasts, chip free, for SIX weeks. I like to consider myself as a bit of an expert on pedicures and Helen is amazing. And also cheaper than salons in Thame.
    So, if you want to have your pinkies looking great for your holiday, then Helen is your lady.
    Did I mention the foot massage?!?
    Meg x

  • Rachel. B July 12, 2012

    I’ve been MayLee’d! Yesterday I had a mega 2hour face and body treatment with extras… and it was AMAZING. Hero, you got it spot on in your blog and I echo all of the comments above. Helen is an extraordinarily talented facialist and beauty therapist, a truly lovely soul and she really knows her stuff. Her knowledge goes way below the epidermis. She didn’t tell me off about my antipodean sun damaged skin but gently reminded me to wear sunscreen every day – yes boss!! I really really wish I had taken a before and after photo… lines around my mouth… what lines!! If I wasn’t so keen to tell everyone I know about her she would be my best kept beauty secret… alas I will share and spread the love for Helen and the muscles in her fingertips. BOOK NOW!

    • Muddy Stilettos July 12, 2012

      I felt the same. Torn between giving away my trump card and wanting everyone to know about her! x

  • gail July 14, 2012

    I spent several hours this afternoon with Helen, it was a positive beauty marathon! And I agree, she’s great! Really tailored the treatments to me and unlike “fancy salons” I have been to I felt relaxed and able to ask her to change things to suit my body. Plus I now how proper bling toenails ready for my hols!

  • caroline @trend-daily June 13, 2013

    OMG-where has your blog been all my life?! Hilarious, informative and quite frankly, just so dam handy! Thank you to Ms Owen for showing me the light! Can’t wait to meet you soon! Caroline x

    • muddystiletto June 14, 2013

      Ah, thank you muchly! x

  • Tanith Ridgway July 3, 2013

    I highly recommend Helen. I had a luxury pedicure nearly four weeks ago and it was lovely and a great price! I had gel nails which are still looking fab! Will be going back once they have grown out a bit more!

    • muddystiletto July 3, 2013

      Thanks Tanith. I’m going back tomorrow as it happens! x

  • Sarah July 3, 2013

    I go to Helen once a month to be ‘perfectly pampered’ massage and facial, and it keeps me looking and feeling great…and her pedicures are the best value for money anywhere. She is so experienced, and not about trying to sell you creams, just really good deep tissue massage, and cleansing, invigorating facial! Plus I love our chats…try her if you haven’t already, you won’t regret it!

  • Amanda Howe July 8, 2013

    I have used Helen for a while now. I have just had my toes done with a pretty flower design on each big toe. Helen did my toes last year and they lasted all summer. She also waxes myself and my 15 year old daughter we think she is great and recomend her.

  • Ali Cox December 13, 2013

    Based on Mrs Muddy’s recommendation I visited, experienced and am now am a total convert. Helen is completely brilliant and her 1 1/2 hour massage with facial is off the scale fantastic. Great value too.

  • Jess December 13, 2013

    It started with gift vouchers and now I have a monthly appointment with Helen for her facial/hot stone massage combo. It is amazing. She has sorted out some back and shoulder problems for me and the facials are my favourite bit – they feel fantastic. If I miss a month I feel like rubbish. Recently, with all this hot weather about, I had a pedicure and the gel nails – dark purple with a little white daisy! – and when one of my little nails got a chip, Helen was good on her word to touch them up, and in fact gave all of the nails another coat while she was at it. Great service, great value, highly recommended.

  • Pam Regler July 20, 2014

    Helen is the fantastic. I had a pedicure and she painted lovely flowers it looks so sweet everyone has commented and it has lasted with no chips or smudges. I went back to have her special offer facial and hot stones massage…. I felt like a new woman. Thank you Helen. I am so glad I have rebooked. I have recommended you to my friends. You were a good find


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